Easy College Recipes

We all know that cooking can be time consuming. I mean, who has time to cook in their dorm when there are things to do and people to see. Oh and class.

You can find a lot of frozen microwavable steamed veggies and foods but here are just a few neat tricks you can have fun with and surprise your friends. All you need is a microwave!
Warning: Most are sweet stuff but you know you need the energy.

Fun and easy to do. Adds a twist to the regular romaine noodle kind of night.
With only 2 ingredients! 3 if you count the icing.
No cooking required! Quick and easy to take for any party.
 "Cream Cheese and Jelly Dip"
This is not real pretty but taste just like cheese cake.
1 block cream cheese
1/2 jar strawberry jam
Mix and dip using cinnamon sugar graham crackers.
This would be awesome for a Halloween party too!
If you are a parent, a great thing to do is make a little recipe book of some of your own recipes that your son or daughter have always loved yet easy enough for them to do.
Best wishes! 

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