Looking at The Bright Side

I don't know about you but I'm getting so worn out by all the bad news now days. Im an Optimistic person and the world today is wearing me down. I still manage to try and focus on the good things.

Seems like people now days strive on bad news. My family has stopped receiving the local news paper now. We use the excuse that it cost to much each month. But really, It just cost to much to read trash all the time. I was tired of getting up and first thing I saw was trashy news head lines or some criminal on the loose. I once counted all the bad news vs the good news (not counting the obituary or sports pages) and I counted 21 bad news articles and 6 good news articles.

I have even stopped looking at face book so much. All that it was becoming was people complaining all the time! I've seen so many unhappy people on there that It was just making me miserable and puting me in a bad mood.

Now I get up in the mornings and sling open the blinds. Id rather the first thing to hit me in the morning be the sunshine and the sound of nature. ......ok, and coffee. When I get to work, I will hear complaining again most likley from people complaining they do to much work. Smh! I just close the door, shuting all of that mess off so I can focus on my daily routine and be in a better mood so I can be pleasant to my customers. I dont need to hear about all the drama in the other room.

I understand that we need to hear things happening around us so we can be aware but most of the things we read about or see on TV is nothing we can do about. So why worry? Why get wrapped up in the bad things going on?
  • Instead of complaining about the neighbors grass growing knee high, admire Mrs. Jones flowers growing across the street.
  • Instead of talking about the tree that fell next door, talk about how the nice neighbors all came together to help remove it.
  • Instead of worring about rain storms coming, roll your car out of the garage and hope it washes the bugs off the windshield.
  • If you hurt all the time, or tired all the time.....look in the mirror. It could just be something about yourself you need to change to make you feel better. Mabe your own attitude can contribute to a world of happiness.
  • As for the driver that cut you off or sped past your in a rage, maybe they just had a family emergency, or running late for a meeting that could cost them a job. Maybe they are running late because they were too busy watching there child take his first steps or say her first words. You just never know.
Go ahead, try it for a day.....Try staying away from anything that saddens you or makes you  mad....Find something good in something bad. It may even take deleting friends or refraining from any social media. Don't become a victim of bad news and try to be optimistic about everything. It will make you feel good and its fun too.

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