Under the Red Umbrellas

Under the red umbrellas is where I met up with my friend the other night for dinner for some girl time. We like to do this every now and again so we can catch up with each others busy life. We talk about work, our kids, new things happening, plans we have for the future and anything else from hair styles to places we visited. I loved hearing about her recent visit to Italy. I can only dream of going to such places.

The umbrellas decorated an ally way uptown at a new bistro that just opened called "Lilly's Italian Bistro".

The weather was warm and the breeze was gentle. Just perfect for a small dinner and drink as it was not crowded and simply relaxing. A small dinner is exactly what I had. I ordered an appetizer of crab cakes on a bed of corn succotash.

It was a perfect portion for me as I'm still watching my diet. My friend ordered a salad wedge and complementary bread sticks with balsamic vinegar and oil. Everything on the menu looked good.

A few other friends we knew ended up sitting at a table next to us and we all enjoyed the evening talking and laughing for a couple hours. It was nice. I wish my husband would have came along but it was just the girls.

We did have a panhandler come up to us and ask for a cigarette and/or money. We couldn't really understand him but since we didn't own either item, we told him "no" and turn him away. We politely complained to the owner about the homeless problem around the town but we didn't let it ruin our good time. Its just something I guess will happen when your in an open area of a poor town.

You can check out  "Lilly's Bistro" online by clicking HERE.

Until next time...Well see if anything else new opens up around town to try. So far this could possible be our  favorite "go to place".


  1. Always interested to hear reviews but was a little put off by your comment about Gastonia being a poor town. A place like Lily's couldn't thrive in a poor town. Have you ever been to downtown Charlotte? Homeless people are everywhere and that's not a poor town. Gastonia is growing leaps and bounds. This entire country has a homeless epidemic that needs to be addressed.

    1. Sorry this hit a sore spot. Its all my opinion. I hope it continues to thrive.

  2. It is bad!! The homeless are relentless, they are always a group at the quick trip gas station, pan handling for hand outs or asking to wash windows. The homeless are also beating people up at the local parks for money and food, it just seems like a constant turn over of homeless. I feel like the city needs to move the salvation army from down town area, we cant grow like this.

  3. I enjoyed the read. REminds me of reports from my wife when she worked in Charlotte. She enjoyed the Girl Time, but hers was mostly at noon.

    We all face the problem of the homeless. the Biggest problem is when you KNOW there are many out there because they have found a way to live with no responsibilities, they choose it. The ones I know, choose it. But I am sure some feel they have no other alternative.

    But the picture of the crab cakes over Succotash looks delicious. My guess is that you too like to dress up a meal with ' food art' also. Drizzing decorative's over the chow.

    As always a good entry and YES we all have OUR opinions, that is what makes the world a better place.
    Love from Florida!
    "Go GAstonia", the town of my Birth back in 1939 when Leon Schneider was on main street. He gave me my middle name Leon!

  4. The restaurant has great food and great service but is only affordable to a handful of Gastonians.