Social Drowning

I feel like I'm drowning in all the social media online now days.

I post about things and then find its already been around the Internet a thousand times.

Pinterest is getting overwhelming.

Everyone pins off blogs and everyone on Facebook is posting things off Pinterest.

Is anything a "new" idea anymore?

Does anyone even read my blogs? or have they already read about the same thing on Facebook, tweeter or another blog?

I'm drowning!

I wonder if I'm wasting my time. I mean, does anyone even really care what I cooked last night or crocheted this morning?

Sometimes I feel like just hiding and disappearing from it all. It would be different from ordinary to just go back to living the good ole days and let TV be my only source of social living and the recipes I make and things I create be kept in the family.

Does anyone else have days feeling like this? Am I the only one suffocating here?


  1. I DO - I don't get on facebook hardly ever been months and NEVER to get recipes - and pinterest I don't use for recipes either!!!! So don't give up - plus no one has your unique style and flair - ignore those other sites and DO YOUR THING!!! You do that best ( :

  2. I'd miss your recipes and cute crochet projects!!! Feel free to drop all the rest, but keep blogging! XOXO

  3. I never usually comment on blogs....but your post struck a nerve. I jsut started blogging in Nov, and have only a few followers.......but I set up my blog as a record of what I do......and to know that people look and get something from your effort. You need to keep focussed on doing your blog for YOU. You are inspiring people, even if they dont reach out and comment.

    Diana XX

    1. True. I mean, what am I saying? Blogging is for ME. Its my way to get "get away". I like blogging. I do not plan t give it up. Im just having one of those weeks. Thank you for the sweet comment.