Finally Spring

Its the beginning of April and we are finally seeing signs of spring here in North Carolina. In the Winter, our temperatures hardly ever get below 35 degrees, so we never really have it cold here and Spring temperatures usually begin in March. But not this year, we have struggled fighting the ups and downs of the weather since February. It will be 35 and sleeting one day and 70 the next. Its crazy.
Me and my husband went for a walk around the neighborhood like we often do, when I noticed spring is finally here.
I'm glad I took my IPhone so I could take a few pictures and show you the beauty around us if you only take the time to look. Sorry for the lack of quality pictures. Wish I would have taken my camera instead.

 First it looked drab with the trees barely blooming, but I took more notice as my walk continued.

I saw spring! Flowers were popping up everywhere, bees were kissing the azaleas, and the dogwoods were finally opening up.

See the busy bee?
I love the Yellowbells

 and the Dogwoods

White Buttercups
Tulips are my favorite flower next to Daisies
and I'm pretty sure these came from a store. Ha!

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