Do People Really Pray?

[This is not directed to any single person and is completely my own opinions]

As I scroll through face book, I see many friends in need of prayer. Many reasons are for sickness, death, family problems, new job expectance, etc. Then comes the comments. “I will pray for you” say some. “I will keep you in my prayers” says another. I cant help to wonder sometimes, “Do people really pray? Do they think its suffice to just say they will? Every one wants people to pray for them, but do the people that ask for prayer really even pray themselves? I could be wrong in even questioning this but my mind wonders.


Prayer is valuable, prayer is powerful. It should not be taken for granted or underestimated. Prayer is real.

If people say they will pray for someone, they need to stop what they're doing and say a quick prayer. Make themselves a personal prayer list or add a friend on someone else's prayer list. God hears every prayer and there is no prayer that goes unanswered. I believe God answer them with either yes, no or wait.

I just hope if anyone says they will pray for me , they really do it. I need all I can get. LOL.  Oh and the “LOL”….I really did just “laugh out loud” , which brings me to another question…..hmmm?


  1. I understand your skepticism. It is easy to say. But do people do it. I think the POWER of PRAYERS is unmeasurable. It helps to heal and bring comfort to so many. I include my internet buddies in need, in my daily prayers. I would hope they do the same for me.

  2. I found your post wondering the very same thing. I've gotten to a place in my life where I'm realizing that I do not live what I believe and talk about. This includes my prayer life. I have found that I have been doing a lot more worrying and thinking (leaning on my own understanding) and feeling bad for others and myself about things but not really taking the matters to God like I know I should because when I "have" before He's always heard and answered my prayers. I really can't think of a single time when I've prayed that I did not see good things and changes take place in a person's life or circumstance including my own. I've been praying and asking God to make me a person of prayer and to give me compassion for other people the way He has compassion on them. I've gone through some heavy guilt trips over not praying for people when I said I would. I try not to say that any more and just keep it between me and God. When I pray, He hears me and sees me and that's all that matters. People need the prayers more than they need to hear someone say they are praying for them I believe. But I do need to pray more. One thing I like to do better than asking people to just pray is to ask them to agree with me in the name of Jesus on whatever I'm believing God for. That just seems more real to me. And what you wrote about stopping what you're doing and saying a quick prayer I think is a good idea and I try to always pray immediately after I've left the person or gotten off the phone with someone if I've told them I will pray for them. I usually don't tell someone I will pray for them first though. It's usually them asking for prayer and me saying ok, I will pray for you. Which a lot of times I feel like it's better to pray for them right then and there and not necessarily just "for" them but "with" them. Thanks for posting this. Great topic :)