Owl for my Sister

Meet "Uno". Yea I'm being silly. I named it Uno because its my first and probably only crochet owl I will ever make. I didn't find it to be easy.

My Sister called me texted me the other day and during our conversation she asked if I could crochet an owl? Well, I didn't know, I never tried. So I went googling. I found several YouTube videos and free online patterns on how to crochet an owl. I guessed at making the eyes, nose and wings.

I picked out three colors I had on hand and tackled it. Crocheting in "round" is something I just can't seem to figure out so I pretty much forget how I did it as soon as I'm finished.

My sister didn't know I made this for her but I started on it the same day she ask me. It took me about an hour all together to make it. As soon as I came across the right size box, I surprised her by mailing it to her.
She lives close by but sometimes its just fun to get little things in the mail besides bills. "oops" , there is a bill on this owl. Oh well, I guess there is no way around it.

I actually crocheted an owl. "What a Hoot!"
Sometimes I actually surprise myself. Still trying to find "my thing". My projets and crafts are just all over the place.

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