Diet Plan/Game

Everyone in my household is always trying to diet cut back on eating so much. We are going on vacation in a month and would love to get down a size. We have found that breads and sweets are our weakness. After different plans and ideas that have never worked, we have come up with a new plan that we hope will be fun like a game.

The first idea was to cut out ALL breads, pastas and sweets. That's seemed a little drastic all at once for everyone. We figured we would not last long doing that so we started with just saying NO SWEETS.

Here's the plan...If either of us eat something sweet, we have to put a dollar in the jar. At the end of 30 days, the one that has lost the most pounds, gets to keep all the money in the jar. I'm hoping this works. My daughter was all into the idea once money was involved. ha, ha.
However, my personal plan is still not to eat any rice or pasta and only eat healthy breads but still lighten up on the intake.
This is pretty much how my meals have looked so far.

Breakfast-English muffin and southwestern omelet
(OK, so  may need to cut out so much butter too. ha)

Dinner-Homemade chicken salad in a romaine lettuce wrap with tomatoes.

We have been making trips to the farmers market for a healthier choice. We will be doing a lot of veggi grilling and any meats we want!

Note: There are some sweets we consider healthy, such as breakfast bars, honey, jello, or sugar free desserts.

Wish us luck and check back next month for an update on our success.

Update: Its a month later. This didnt work to well for us. I only lost 2 pounds, my daughter lost 1 pound. My husband did not loose any pounds and hes the one that stayed away from the sweets the most! There was 23 dollars collected. Guess i'll try something else.


  1. I have just started doing the Harcombe Diet ( which is three phases. Phase 1 you are meant to lose a good amount of weight in only 5 days (depending on how much you weigh already, obviously the bigger you are the more you tend to lose) then phase 2 is steadier weight loss for as long as you want to lose weight and phase 3 is keeping your weight. If you wanted to try out phase 1 (I'm in the 4th day of it now!) it's NO carbs, NO sugar, NO processed food, just any meat or fish and any veg (apart from potato and mushroom) and natural live yoghurt for 5 days. It's hard craving sugar but I've been promised it's worth it and I have already lost a bit! You should definitely consider that. If not, and you can't cut out bread and pasta switch to wholegrain everything. Phase 2 says no carbs and fat so perfect meal is steak and vegetables OR wholemeal pasta cheesy bake, not both together. Anyway, check it out, it might help, and the best thing is you can eat however much you want of the right foods! Good luck :)

    1. Sounds like a good plan. Good luck. Keep me informed on how you do.

  2. GOOD LUCK. We have done a similar thing because of serious health issues. I LOVE the money as motivation. Sometimes you have to pay the price for indulgences.