DIY Shabby Wreath

I have been looking for a wreath for my front door. Its not that I cant find one, its just that I'm so darn indecisive! I can never make up my mind and then once I have it narrowed down, I just don't want to spend the money. So I came up with another plan. I made my own by using a full size sheet that I was fixing to throw away and a $5.00 Styrofoam wreath from the local craft store.

I started out by cutting  ripping the sheet into 1 to 3 inch shreds. Note: I did not do this perfectly. I just ripped away at it. The word for today is "Shabby".

Then I began to tie each one in a knot around the Styrofoam. After each few that I tied on, I would trim to to the length I wanted them. Note: This will use up the whole sheet.

Add some decorations such as bows, flowers, etc...

And wah lah. There you have it. A shabby wreath.  Easy enough huh?


  1. I have loved the look of "shabby chic" for YEARS! this is such a great idea for upcycling and it's cute to boot :O)

  2. Completely cute! I love the sheet you used. I may have to go hunt for a wreath form today. How were you able to rip the sheet? Did you start by cutting it first to get it started?

  3. Thank you! Yes, I snipped it with sissors and ripped it. It tore much straighter than me trying to cut it.
    they were alot of strings from ripping it but was easy to to shed away.

  4. love this idea! Very smart.. Thanks for linking up at friday fun party..

  5. This wreath looks so nice! I am the same way I can never find a wreath for my door, I will have to make my own! Thanks for sharing at Showcase Your Talent Thursday! I hope to see you at the next party!