Crochet Booties

Here is a little craft I have enjoyed making the past few months. I have been crocheting baby booties when I get bored. I made a pair last year that I thought was really cute but I recently found an easier one at Bev's country cottage. She has alot of cute and easy crochet patterns. I have adjusted it just a little for my own preference but her originals are great!

I don't know why I'm stuck on making these cute little things.

I laugh at every pair I make because I think its just funny that I do this. I have actually had a couple request for a pair already and so that makes it even more fun to know I'm gonna actually make a pair someone will adore no matter if they cover little toes or sit on a shelf. I have even had someone suggest I donate them to a charity which I have actually thought would be great but I am bad about not sticking to one thing long.

 I am just still trying to find my talent.


  1. you are just practicing for those future grandbabies!!!

  2. still trying to find your talent??? girl you have more talent in your little finger than most ppl do in their can do it all!!! draw, cook, crochet, knit, make all kinds of crafty stuff...u r amazin!!