Crochet using a T-shirt

My daughter was fixing to throw away some old t-shirts but I told her to save them because I wanted to try cutting them up and making some t-shirt yarn. I wanted to try and crochet it and see if it worked, Then I was just going to crochet a small rug just to see if I could do it.

Well, I got to cutting, stretching and rolling the tshirt string into a ball. Then I began crocheting.
Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing. I was not expecting anything pretty. This was just an experiment to see what it would do.

As I began crocheting an oval, the rug began to make a bowl. I was a disappointed and then thought, well, I'll just keep on with this and then I will have a bowl. The first colors in the yarn just so happened to be patriotic looking so it goes along with this weekends Memorial Day.

So, I kept on and then I noticed, the bottom was not round enough to be a basket and held it up and my husband said, it looked like a purse. So, I decided, that's what it will be.
Its not the best looking thing, just unique, no way would I use this for a purse but will display it for now.

It just amazed me how it turned out to be bag instead of a rug. This was all purely by accident. Now, I have and idea how to make a purse if I really wanted to get my mind to it.

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