Ga$ Price$

Lets face it. Gas prices are going up. They have been going up dollars and down cents for years. I don't like it and you don't like it, but seriously, do people really think they can do anything about it?

I seen where there is a "Gas Out" campaign on face book. Its asking drivers to boycott at the pumps by not purchaseing gas on April 15th to cause a decrease in profit.
Come people! This is just silly. Think about it, doing without gas for 24 hours is no real sacrifice. If people do not buy gas on one day, then everyone will flock the pumps the day before or the day after. So, what is the benefit here? You are not cutting a demand, you are just shifting it around some.

If people really want to cut back on what it cost them to fill up at the pumps, then just stop driving 50 miles out of town to go eat or shop! Shop at your local stores and malls and eat at the restaurants that are conveniently located in your own town. If you live in a safe place, and you have to go somewhere within a mile, walk or ride a bicycle.

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I actually consider myself pretty lucky considering I live in North Carolina where gas is 3.89 a gallon and just down the road in South Carolina, gas is only 3.69 a gallon. In some states such as Illinois, gas is 4.50 a gallon.

If you cant afford gas, then blame it on the average pay. I do not complain much about gas prices but that pay rates are not increasing to fit the demand. If people would spend more in the cities they live in, then companies could afford to pay the employees more therefore allowing them keep up with the increase of not only gas but other things.

I will be filling up my vehicle when it goes low no matter what day that ends up to be.

What are the average gas prices where you live?


  1. $3.69 here in jersey and here's a perk to living here...we don't pump our own gas! as for gas prices, our church does a "gas buy down" about every 3-4 months. what they do is bump the gas prices down at a specific gas station 10-20cents below the price (at the end our church compensates the station the difference). for the next 3-4 hours, as cars line up, we pass out water, pretzels and an invitation to come visit our church. it's a way of helping the community and reaching out :O)

  2. Gas... ugh. It stinks that the prices are high, but like you said, we are lucky we are not as high as some other states. Since I live in SC, we have it a little better. It's one of those things that I am going to have to pay for no matter what it costs... so I don't get all caught up in it. I do remember back when I was in high school... I could get $3 worth of gas and it would seriously last me a week. Miss those days!

  3. want to be shocked??!! 1.85 Euro per liter.
    Check the yahoo conversion tables and realize that that's several times what you pay....

  4. Forget about the gas prices--check out your new fabulous picture--love it!! New hair? Love it!

    1. LOL thanks. Na its actually an old picture from this past summer.