Happy Easter

Hope everyone is having a Happy Easter. I have been so busy this weekend through today that I have not had time to write a new post and if I did, It would be a book. So not to bore my readers, Here is just a small photo run down.

 I made Bunny Bark to give away. Note: Look what I did with an old peanut can.

Easter Bark
M&Ms , pretzels, sprinkles and broken white oreos (can use chocolate too).
lay in a cookie sheet or shallow pan, and pour melted chocolate to cover.
Cool then break apart.
Get creative with it ther are no rules.

How my daughter dyes eggs.

 6:30 am Easter Morning

6:45 Easter Morning Sunrise service begins. The sun turned the clouds to a fire red.
It was soooo pretty!!!

 at the same time, my friend Ann texted me a picture of the Sunrise service at Myrtle Beach.
Thanks Ann, wish I could have been there!!

Me with my beautiful daughter.



  1. Happy Easter, Dimeo's! (you girls look so purdi in your Easter best!) :O)

  2. How cute are you and your daughter?!? Two gorgeous ladies! What did you put in your bunny bark? Cute can!!

    1. Thank you!!! Bunny Bark: on wax paper cover cookie sheet. Layer of broken white oreos, pretzels, and m&ms. Then poured melted (1:30 in microwave)white almond bark over it and added sprinkles. Then refrigerated until hard.