Mothers Day Corsage

To all past, present and future Mothers! I hope you have a happy Mothers Day. May your day be filled with love, happy thoughts and memories.

(Your not having deja vu, some of this is a repost but I wanted to share it again)

I remember when I was little, Mom would carefully lay out corsages for me and my sister and boutonniere's for my brothers that My Grandmother made. One by one, mom would pin our corsage to our Sunday outfit and to church we went. I hated it. I despised having to wear that big scratchy corsage that smelled like grandmaws basement! I was too young at the time to realize the reason of her making sure we all had a corsage to wear on Mother’s Day. 

The Mother’s Day corsage started in the 1800’s. Everyone wore one on Mother’s day. The corsage did not indicate that your were a mother, but rather that you are wearing something to honor your own mother. The flowers were usually made with an orchid, carnation or rose. The type of flower was not as important as the color. If your mom is living, you wore a red or pink flower. If your mom is deceased, you wore a white one. 

Sadly the tradition of the Mothers Day corsage has stopped. You will rarely see anyone wearing them anymore. I admit, I have not worn one in years. 

So, this Mothers Day, I have decided to make my own corsage to proudly wear over my heart in honor of my Mother.

I am who I am today because of her. She worked hard making sure all four of her children had everything we need. She showed us unconditional love but would also show us what a hickory stick was when we did wrong. She made sure we were in church every Sunday and raised us with Christian values that we still hold on too today. My mom is very pretty, smart, strong and always smells good. 
I made my mom laugh and cry. I have rebelled and hurt her feelings many times. I will always hold that guilt but I know she prayed and loved me through it all. That's what moms do. 

As a mom myself, I find and l learn new obstacles with my own daughter that make me think about the challenges and sacrifices my mom went through. Everyday, I am more thankful for the lessons she taught me and how much she has inspired me. Next to God, she is my foundation. 

My daughter is home this weekend to spend Mothers Day with me. Nick has to work so we plan to spend some Mother Daughter time together. We may do lunch somewhere and maybe try the new Açaí Bowl place uptown.
In the afternoon, the whole family will meet for dinner with our mom. It's going to be a mommy kind of day!!!!

If The Walls Could Talk

My family has been busy. My mom and dad decided to move from the home we grew up in. They had 30 days to move out 46 years of “stuff”. They had the house built 46 years ago. My youngest brother was just a baby when we moved in. 

With them being in their 80’s they have found it uncomfortable and sometimes a struggle to go up and down the stairs so they purchased a one level house they liked just a few miles away. They are actually closer to me now and I like that idea.

It was bitter sweet seeing them let go of my old home place. There were lots of stress and mixed emotions during the process. Due to work, I was unable to visit the old house one last time before closing. I was hoping to see it empty but maybe it’s best to remember it full of memories.

If the walls could talk it would have many more stories than I could tell...

It once housed 4 kids, 1 grandchild and several foster siblings.
It was a place where we brought our first dates and where we cried over our first breakups.
There were fights over the telephone and laughs over dinner. 
It seen a lot of spankings and groundings along with lots of love and hugs.
This is were we learned to ride a bike and parked our first car.
Our handprints are in the cement around the well.
We had tree swings, bonfires, and Tree houses that over looked a yard where many loved pets were buried and lots of bare feet run. 
Where we would spend hours running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day and sit by the fire place eating tv dinners and jiffy pop on a cold Winter evening.

The house was just too big for my parents and they really needed to downsize. Now it is time for mom and dad to settle down in their new home and we already can’t wait to start new traditions and make new memories. After all, It’s the family that makes a home, not the house.