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If The Walls Could Talk

My family has been busy. My mom and dad decided to move from the home we grew up in. They had 30 days to move out 46 years of “stuff”. They had the house built 46 years ago. My youngest brother was just a baby when we moved in. 

With them being in their 80’s they have found it uncomfortable and sometimes a struggle to go up and down the stairs so they purchased a one level house they liked just a few miles away. They are actually closer to me now and I like that idea.

It was bitter sweet seeing them let go of my old home place. There were lots of stress and mixed emotions during the process. Due to work, I was unable to visit the old house one last time before closing. I was hoping to see it empty but maybe it’s best to remember it full of memories.

If the walls could talk it would have many more stories than I could tell...

It once housed 4 kids, 1 grandchild and several foster siblings.
It was a place where we brought our first dates and where we cried over our first breakups.
There were fights over the telephone and laughs over dinner. 
It seen a lot of spankings and groundings along with lots of love and hugs.
This is were we learned to ride a bike and parked our first car.
Our handprints are in the cement around the well.
We had tree swings, bonfires, and Tree houses that over looked a yard where many loved pets were buried and lots of bare feet run. 
Where we would spend hours running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day and sit by the fire place eating tv dinners and jiffy pop on a cold Winter evening.

The house was just too big for my parents and they really needed to downsize. Now it is time for mom and dad to settle down in their new home and we already can’t wait to start new traditions and make new memories. After all, It’s the family that makes a home, not the house.