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Porch Snowman

While my daughter was home for Thanksgiving, we decorated for Christmas. I decided to use a lot of red and black buffalo plaid as my theme this year. I think it has a nice Winter cabin feel about it. My den looks cozy now with blankets and big buffalo plaid throw pillows on the couch. Winter will be here before you know it. I am not a big fan. I would much rather be talking about the beach and sunshine right now. 

A friend of my daughters offered her some slats of wood of different lengths. She brought them home thinking her dad would like to have them. No, he did not need them, but he put them away just in case (It’s a man thing I guess). 
Before he stashed them in the storage building, I grabbed two of the shorter pieces to use on a craft idea I had. I knew that when my daughter came to visit, she would want us to do some crafting together. 

We created these adorable porch snowmen. Perfect for propping against the house, doorway or fireplace hearth. 

We sanded down two slats of wood and headed to Walmart for some ribbon and toboggan hats. I grabbed some ribbon to match my Christmas theme and she opt for the blue for a frosty look. When we got home, our painted slats were dry. I only applied one coat because I wanted it to have a washed out or rustic look.

We laughed a lot while creating these cute porch snowmen because of how they each turned out different and had their own personality. 
I have mine propped up on my porch beside my front door. He welcomes everyone that stops by.