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Whipped Coffee

My daughter mentioned to me about this thing called Whipped coffee. This got my attention. “Whipped coffee? Oh do tell me more”.
She said she had seen it on the internet and from friends. I immediately turned to Pinterest and searched Whipped Coffee. Sure enough, you can whip coffee into a thick butterscotch colored fluff. 

If your a coffee lover, you will enjoy this. 
Here goes.

2 Tablespoons- Instant coffee.
2 Tablespoons- Sugar (white or brown works).
2 Tablespoons- Boiling water.

Now for the hardest part.

Get your whisk and start start whisking. This will take both arms because one will get tired. You have to whip it for like five minutes or so.
At first it doesn’t look like it will work but give it time. It will lighten up and start getting thick. The more you mix, the thicker it will get.
(You can also use an electric mixer if you wish).

I Think I have some new muscles in my arms now.

After about 5 minutes I had a nice coffee whipped to the consistency of whip cream.

Add the whipped coffee to the top of a iced milk of your choice. I used almond milk.
The coffee whip is rich and stout so before you drink it, give it a whirl in the milk. 

Now go impress your friends and make them a drink that will make Starbucks jealous.