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Purse Strap

I am always looking for a new pocket book. I can not afford one of those fancy expensive kind so I have to make do with cheaper brands. 

I recently bought a cute Liz Claybourn purse on clearance, plus my employee discount. It’s not a high end pocket book, but in my world, it was pretty pricy before the discounts. I like the color. It’s a neutral off white color. I like it but getting tired of it. I have had it since December. 

One of the girls in the office was telling me how cute my purse was and it would be perfect for one of those fashionable purse straps. It has the clip on strap that can be removed. That got me thinking which led to shopping. Replacing the strap with some fun added colors would make me like it and give me that new feeling again. 

I found this cute strap on the internet to try. When I put it on my purse, I was excited. I loved how fun it makes my drab purse. 

My daughter bought me another one for my birthday. Now I can keep switching the straps depending on what I wear for the day. I found it to be more comfortable to wear on my shoulder and does not slip off like the original strap. 

Apparently this is the new thing with purses as you can find a lot of different colors and patterns to match your mood. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my new straps. 

You can find them on Amazon by searching “bag strap”, “Purse strap”or “Guitar purse strap”.

If you noticed in my post I used both the words “pocketbook” and “purse”.
What do you call it?
Is there a difference? 

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