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Daughter Day

Last week there was a day set aside as “National Daughters Day”. This special day is new to me because, well, I thought every day was daughters day. 

For Christmas last year, my daughter had gotten me a gift certificate to Paddy Wax Candle Bar located in Charlotte. Due to covid restrictions, it was not until now that we were able to go. This was a cute little place nestled in the South End and located near restaurants and too close to the new Krispy Kreme tasting room which will be in my next post. 

Before we went to make our candles, we stopped at a little Asian food place called Hawkers. We ordered a noodle bowl from the small plate menu and shared some Summer rolls and Tofu. 

Summer Rolls- Rice noodles, lettuce, basil and mint.

Fried Tofu with peppers, onions and broccoli in a brown sauce.

After a nice little mother/daughter lunch, we made our way to the candle bar as the rain danced on our head. 

I love candles and could not wait to get started. There were eleven of us in the class.
First we listened to the instructor explain what we will be doing and the examples of different types of vessels we could choose from. Then we all made our way to the huge wall of different shapes and colors and picked out our desired style. 

Next we went to another wall full of fragrances to choose for our candle. This is where I am weak. I can never decide on a candle smell. Everything smells so good. I finally decided on “Bamboo Green Tea”. It had a fresh clean scent. My daughter picked more of a Fall scent that made you feel like your sitting around a campfire. 

Once our choices were made, we began to make our candles with the help from the instructor and que cards that told exactly how much fragrance and hot wax to apply according to the size of candle vessel we chose. 

Our candles were not ready for a few hours and we have 30 days to pick them up. You can see what mine will look like from the photo above. My daughter will go back and pick them up and bring it to me later. I can’t wait. 

We had a great day, but it is never enough time together.