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How I Feel About it

There are no statistics or proven fact in this post. It is simply my own opinion. 

This Corona Virus (COVID-19) is all I have heard about on the media and news lately. Should it be taken serious? Yes, but here is how I feel about it. 

I am not worried about getting this virus any more than I worry about getting the flu. However, I could as easily get it as anyone. 
People are going crazy and going into panic. Why? Because the media is playing this thing up. I personally think it’s just another political plot and something for media to thrive on. 

The flu is killing way more people than this new Corona virus. To my understanding, It’s contracted the same way. Through being in contact with someone who has a fever and/or coughs close around you.

I am a somewhat a germ phoebe anyway, so I am always taking precautions. I keep my hands washed, I do not touch door handles, rails or buggy handles with my bare hands. If I have to, then I always have sanitizer. This does not mean I will not catch a virus or cold but it helps. Knock on wood, I have not been sick with a virus or cold in three years. Not to say other things haven't ailed me. 

It has crossed my mind many times that this is some sort of warfare test from another country, just to see how we would react in a crisis. So far the world has gone into a panic. Here in the US, we have closed schools, events, towns, churches and even Disney World. How can you close Disney World? This is with only a tiny percentage of people that have tested positive. You would think the sky is fixing to fall. People need to chill out and stop being manipulated by the media and politicians.

I still can’t figure out why toilet paper has become the biggest need during this crisis? Toilet Paper!!! Fortunately, we always stay stocked up on it, but this is just a luxury. Seriously. We have running water and washcloths. We can survive without toilet paper if we have to.

This is what our Walmart toilet paper isle looked like this week.

(Photo taken by my sweet friend)

Why is no one making food as much of a necessity? It snows and people buy up all the bread and milk. We have a pandemic and everyone needs toilet paper!?! 

I really hope everyone stays safe. Keep away from sick people and refrain from hugging or shaking hands for a few weeks. If you are sick or feel like your coming down with something, please stay away from public places as much as you can. There are elderly and babies that may have low immune systems and have the hardest time fighting off any sickness. 

I pray that everyone that contracts this virus or any other sickness has a fast recovery. I also pray for those who or have family in quarantine. I also hope people will go about their normal activities without living in fear. This too will pass.