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My President is in Town

Today President Trump will be visiting my town for another rally. This is exciting news to some and then there are some that just don’t care. 
I think it is exciting anytime a president comes to my town. 
Just a couple weeks ago Ivanka Trump was also in town. She had dinner at our upscale restaurant and took a tour through some other towns around us. Rumor has it, that she is purchasing a home here but I really think she was just looking at where the rally will be taking place. 

My Sister and several friends will be attending the rally today. I think Mr. Trump is suppose to land here at 2:00pm, gates open at 3:00pm, Trump will show up around 6:30 and the rally starts at 7:00pm. People will be lined up as early as 7am and the traffic is going to be hellacious.

I would really love to go to the rally too but with my inner ear and vertigo problems, I am afraid to stand out there all day. I am also not a fan of being in tight crowds. I like being around a lot of people but shoulder to shoulder crowds give me anxiety. However, I think it would be something great to put in the books. 

I hope everything goes well today for everyone attending the rally and there are no problems. They are expecting to have 15000 to 20000 people attend. I worry a little about everyone being in a crowd like this because of the pandemic but precautions are suppose to be practiced. Temperatures will be taken of all those that enter the gate and mask will be mandatory. Since it is taking place outside, it should be ok. For me, I will be watching bits and pieces of the rally from my living room. 

Have you ever gotten to meet a President in your life time?