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Meet my Newest Pet

I would prefer to have a pet cat, chicken or hedgehog but it’s just not going to happen. We have allergies to cats. Chickens are not allowed in the city limits and Hedgehogs.....well, they are just too odd. I can not talk Nick into letting me own one. Maybe one day, but for now, I had to settle for a plant pet. 

Meet Midori (Japanese word for green).

Midori is a Marimo Moss Ball or some call them algae balls. They are found in the bottom of rivers and lakes, and if taken care of, they can live over 200 years. 

I do not need to feed it, take it for a walk or litter train it. It just sits in an aquarium all day and the only thing I need to do is keep the water changed every couple weeks. The only tricks it will do is float to the top of the water sometimes. 
It is soft and fuzzy, does not smell and can live outside of the water for a couple days if it has too. This one may go on a few adventures. 

This species is found mostly in Japan, but I adopted this one from Indiana. They can also be found in most pet stores as people will usually add them to fish aquariums for added freshness and they make the fish happy. 

But then there are pet empty people like me that make them plant pets. 
Ok, call me weird but it will be fun coming up with ideas to decorate it’s living space. And honestly, it looks pretty cute sitting on my mantel.  

I remember when my sister used to have a pet rock. 
Do you or have you ever had something odd that you called a pet? 

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