Dizzy By Sheets

Ok this post is just a funny little story I wanted to share.

Our Bed Bath and Beyond store went bankrupt and had a big closing clearance sale. Three fourths of the store was empty but we went ahead and looked around at what was left. Everything was marked down 90% off. We ended up getting a fitted sheet to match some linens we had. 

As we were looking around, my husb…….Ok wait, first let me just tell you that as a minimalist, I like simple things. That goes for simple colors. My bedding is always white or at most, a light print or color. Loud prints and colors just sorta drive me crazy. But anyway, as we were looking around, my husband found a set of sheets to fit our double bed. Yes, we have a double bed. Not a queen, not a King. Just a double and it works fine for us. 
This sheet set was on sale for $7.00. They were blue and white checked. He liked them so I said “Ok, if you like them, I’ll try them”. 

After a couple of days I decided to wash the new sheets and put them on the bed. I tried. I really did. I put on the bottom sheet and that’s as far as I could get. My head started spinning but this time I can’t blame it one my Meniere's disease. 

I got myself balanced back out and walked into the kitchen where my husband was. 

I propped my arms on the counter and looked up at him. He looked a little concerned and asked me what was wrong.
“I can’t do it”. 
“Do what?” He asked.
“I can’t put the sheets on the bed. I just can’t”. He said, “Do you want me to help you?”. 
“I guess. I don’t know. They give me vertigo”. He laughed and said “Come on, I’ll help you, I don’t want you to over do it”. 
He walked into the bedroom and was like “Woooah!” 
We stood there and laughed then we both laid down on our tummies facing each other. After a good laugh, he said, “take them off. There is no way we can wake up in the morning on these sheets”.

The sheets……

NEVERMIND- GOOGLE HAS LOST MY PHOTO. This has happened on several of my post lately. I Cant”t seem to find a reason or a backup.

Do you agree? Who in their right mind could sleep on these sheets? 

Needless to say, my bedding is white again. Let’s just keep it that way. 


  1. This is hilarious! Those sheets are awful! Good thing they were only $7.00 :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I am a beige person I could never put that set of sheets on my bed either. Needed a good laugh to start my day. Thanks for sharing your checkered sheet dilemma.

  3. Such a good sale, sad they're closing, but.....I have to agree with you I am dizzy looking at them myself.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, A good tale and worth the price of the sheets. I am sure I couldn't / wouldn't want to wake up to that either! Thinking of you lady and glad you were able to laugh.
    Sending the best from Florida
    Sherry & jack, Always a fun trip to your house...

  5. Oh my, I'd never get any sleep on them. So funny!! You'll have to find some kind of craft for those sheets or use them as paint cloths. :)

  6. That is hysterical! 😂 I don’t think I could sleep on those either! But it would make a great picnic blanket! 😂