Birthday 53

I turned 53 years old yesterday. My mind tells me I’m 23 but my body tells me otherwise. 

My daughter came home this past weekend to start the celebration with me. My husband had to work so It was just me and her. She came to the house with a handful of surprises. One included this lemon cake. 

We have been eating on it all weekend. I love any kind of cake and lemon is one of my favorite fruity flavors. 
Gifts she got me included a My Pillow, a herb growing kit, and a hair brush. 

Then she went with me to get a …….yes. A tattoo. I have been wanting a tiny white tattoo but was not sure where I wanted to put it. I decided to have it put on my finger. That’s weird because I said I would never have a tattoo on my hands. In fact, I though I was out of that faze of wanting tattoos. But like I said, my mind tells me I’m 23. 

She was excited to take me to get it. She does not have any tattoos, nor does she want one. She almost got one in college but she looked at the long time effect of having something permanent on her skin. Smart girl. 

Afterwards, we had lunch at McAllisters deli. We ate outside on the patio. We had a guest at the table. My daughter shared her lunch with him.

The evening turned bitter sweet when I got a call that my Aunt had just went to heaven. Though the news was sad, It also calls for celebration. 
Not many people can have the peace in their heart knowing where a loved one goes after life. We could all still use your prayers. 

Yesterday was my actual birthday and I had to go to work. 
When I arrived, I walked into the office to see my work cubicle decorated with birthday banners, cards and few gifts. 

It made me smile and all day long, everyone that walked by, wished me a happy birthday. It was a good day.

At the end of the day I come home to a nice steak dinner from my husband.  He gave me my birthday gift earlier this month. It was the Yeti bag you see in the picture above. I had been wanting one to carry my purse, lunch and other things I need for work. 

Next weekend the celebrations continue at my mom and dads house. Mom will have May birthday dinner. I have a sister, brother and daddy that also celebrate a birthday in May. 


  1. Nice little tattoo, and here I thought you would get a picture of St. Nick to cover your back!!!!
    Loved the report of the time with your daughter. cute pic of the visitor. That is one pretty cake, I bet it was as good as it looked. Oh, and the office thing was sweet and shows something about you.

    Love from Florida.... ;-)

  2. Happy 53rd birthday to you and many more. It looks like you had a nice birthday and everyone showered you with gifts and attention. I love the little tattoo you got. I would've put it a little higher up where a ring goes though? It's still very pretty though.. We bought My Pillows a while back but when Mike Lindell started showing his support for donald trump and starting going cuckoo we threw them straight into the trash. Hope you enjoy yours. We just couldn't though in good conscience. So sorry about your aunt.

  3. Happy Birthday! Love the tattoo. The cake looks delicious.

  4. Sounds like a great birthday! I am sorry about your Aunt though. Love that your daughter was with you. Lemon yum! I love anything lemon myself! I don't want any tattoos but if I were to break down and get one yours is really pretty! It is subtle and I like that.

  5. Happy Birthday Lisa! Condolences about your Aunt.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday. I have one at the end of the month.
    So sorry about your aunt but like you said it is such a comfort when we know they are in heaven.