1st Beach Trip of The Year

Finally! We were able to take a beach trip. It was just a short one, but we will be going again in June for a long weekend and then a whole week in August. I wish we could go more but work happens.

With my job I had to wait until I had been there for 9 months before I could take any vacation. That’s how long the probation period is. I made it. My husbands job is 7 days a week so it’s hard for him to get days off. We will manage. 

We stopped half way down at our usual spot and grabbed some fresh garden tomatoes. They were so good. It’s hard to find good tomatoes now days. These were red juicy and sweet. We had the perfect tomato sandwiches on the beach.

The temperatures were in the high 70s and 80’s with a cool breeze. We did some walking and relaxing. I got in the ocean about knee deep. The water was cold but not too bad. We also walked a mile down the shore to visit my brother in law that lives at the next campground over from the one we stay at. It was a surprise since he did not know we were coming down. I grabbed an ice cream cone from the camping store to eat on the way back to our place.

It was also our 28th anniversary and we enjoyed some good food and fun. We are still so much in love. I can not imagine doing life with out this man. He spoils me. We rarely argue, and when we do, it turns into laughs. Through the years, we got good at understanding each others sarcasm and never stopped being each others boyfriend and girlfriend.

We paid for an extra night so we did not have to worry about signing out before noon on our leaving day. We spent the morning on the beach. Nick snapped a photo of me enjoy my coffee as I stood in the water one more time. 

Later we had another tomato sandwich and left for home. It was a fun time and I can’t wait until we do it again next month. 


  1. Happy anniversary to you and your hubby. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves. Good that you're going again in June for a long weekend. That should be fun. We celebrated 30 years last October. My hubby is definitely my best friend, no doubt about it. We'll be heading to Las Vegas in a week so we're excited about that. That tomato sandwich sounded good. Good tomatoes are definitely hard to find. If they're not homegrown, they're usually bland and tasteless.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love the beach and like you, I still think my husband is the best.

  3. We are envious of a GOOD TOMATO! Florida has lots of tomatoes, but seldom get one that SINGS. Glad you made it to the beach and I do love this part and I hope it lasts forever, and it can! : ......never stopped being each others boyfriend and girlfriend........ SWEET!
    Love from Florida!! ;-)

  4. I'm so glad you two got to go and enjoy the beach. I love that shot of you on the beach so beautiful! Happy Anniversary to you both! All smiles here we do love the beach and the great tomato sandwiches!
    Love ya Dolly

  5. Happy Anniversary. So nice to hear of a happy marriage! :)
    I know how much you like the beach and so glad you had such a good time.
    Must be hard on your husband having to work 7 days a week!!!