Longer Days

Finally! We are back on beach time. I love daylight savings time. I love the longer days.
I know a lot of people do not understand the hype and yes I know you still have the same amount of hours in the day but I can tell the difference.

My body clock is set to daylight savings time and when it ends in the Fall, I just never get used to it. I woke up Sunday morning feeling refreshed, but Monday morning was a little harder. The sun was not up at 6am, so it was harder for me wake up. No worries here. Soon the sun will be peeping in the blinds telling me to get up and at it. 

I like having daylight until 9:00 pm in the Summer. My eating habits are better and my exercise routines come easier. 
Tonight after dinner we had time for our food to settle before heading out for a walk. We have not been walking all Winter. It felt good to get outside and enjoy some sunshine before calling it a day. 

My work schedule felt a little off today though. It felt like it went faster and the sun shined through my window at a different time. 
I wish they would vote to leave the time change alone and leave it like this forever. The days will naturally get shorter and longer during the seasons. 
Some states have already made it a permanent change.

Do you like daylight savings time? 
What are some advantages is has on your day?


  1. I am the complete opposite of you. I hate daylight savings time and the longer days. Although, like you I wish they would leave the time change alone. Pick one, and stick with it. it is not necessary to be changing the clocks twice a year. It's just ridiculous. I definitely don't like having daylight until 9:00 in the evening. That bugs the heck out of me. The only good thing about it is the husband and I can get back to our evening walks. It's been too cold to walk so we can start up again in a couple of weeks. Glad you enjoy these longer days. But come June we will lose a minute each day and I will start counting down to fall. That's my favorite time of year.

  2. I don't like DST at all and wish they would leave it on regular time. Just makes my morning walk dark again. BUT it won't be long before it is light in the morning again. The sun rises earlier each day.

  3. I am sort of a lizard, I don't care which they choose, but I wish they would pick one and leave it there. LOL
    Hope you and Brother Nick are well and safe. I know you are looking forward to BEACH TIME, no matter the time. LOL

    Love from down here where Old People live....
    Sherry & jack

  4. It looks like they are voting DST out! So, maybe we won't be Falling back come fall this year. I hope it passes!
    Happy Wednesday- xo Diana

  5. My husband hates it. He grew up on a farm, so it meant more hours a day he had to work. LOL

    Now, if they would go with the idea of adding the extra hour to a Friday afternoon, I could get behind that.

  6. Not sure what they are deciding here in Oregon - we shall see!