Have you ever taken a pottery class? Playing with clay is something I have always liked to do. When I was small, I used to make things out of play dough and let it sit in the sun to dry. Where I lived we had lots of clay in our dirt. All we had to do was dig about 2 ft into the soil and find nice green or red clay. My friends and I would dig it up and make little bowls and cups for fun.

I dabbled a little in pottery at school but never came home with a project that I remember. I have a couple cute things my daughter made with clay when she was in school. She made a turtle that sits by our fireplace. One of her teachers actually asked to purchase it from her. This momma said “no”. 

I have been wanting to go to a pottery class. I love clay pots and ceramics. However, I prefer the more rustic imperfect looks. If I knew how to work with pottery, I would want to make something like this…..

BUD VASE family

I love these little bud vases. They are so cute and unique and everyone of them is different. I would love to purchase one of these but I need to save for other things right now.

I am learning to appreciate bees and would love to make these……

I love these little Bee cups. They are meant to be placed in your garden. They catch rain water and the bees and butterflies will come in for a sip. 
These are so adorable. You can have one or you can have a cluster. They also brighten up your garden and attract other small creatures. 

I am currently looking around my area to see if there are any classes available. There is also different types of clay that can be purchased a local craft stores. I notice a lot of people I know play around with polymer clay and make earrings. I will have to read up on this a little bit and see what I can get my hands into. 


  1. That bud vase family is adorable. And those bee cups. I've never seen those. We had pottery class in junior high. It was fun but those pottery wheels are definitely not as easy as they look. It definitely took some practice. How nice that you who kept your daughter's turtle. I can't remember if I kept anything I made. I probably did, but my mom probably chucked it. LOL Good luck if you decide to take a class.

    1. Yes, I heard the potters wheel was hard to master. It seems like I made some kind of little figure in school art class but can’t remember.

  2. Never much on pottery except playing, BUT Ceramics became a friend once when waiting to join the family. A friend introduced me to it and it was one of the best time passers I could find. Still have a couple cups and a large bowl and pitcher I am proud of. I like the little bud vases. nice.
    Love from Florida
    Sherry & jack (nice visit)

  3. Oh I like those little bee cups.
    Back in the 70's I played around with pottery and made a whole bunch of things. I enjoyed it but don't have anything left that I made.

  4. I'm not buying anything fun lately either. With costs rising, fun spends feel like a waste.

    Those are adorable vases!