Vintage Nesting Bowls

I had a great weekend. It has been a while since I had a weekend off. Nick had to work so I had most of the weekend to myself. 
It was nice getting up in the morning, having my cup of coffee (or three) and not worry about having to put on make up and dress clothes. It was also the perfect time to meet up with my parents for brunch. They call it breakfast but since they eat their first meal around 11:00 am, I call it brunch. I met them at a diner in town and enjoyed some bacon, eggs and grits. 

After brunch I went down to their house for a little visit. They are still unpacking and sorting through boxes since their recent move in last month. 
I noticed some cute little nesting bowls. I vaguely remember mom using these bowls as I was growing up. I always admired them. She said she was planning on throwing them in the trash because they were cracked and useless. I grabbed them up and said, I’ll make use of them somehow. The large one could still be used as a fruit bowl or I can use the bowls for planters. I would not cook with them anymore or eat from them because of the cracks. They are old. 

These are made by Watt Pottery. I always thought the pattern was a cherry but it’s actually their most popular print of an apple. 
The Watt company started in 1922 but did not start marking them until the 1940’s. They have the marking of  “Ovenware Made in the USA”. Some also had a number on the bottom stating the size of the bowl. 

1949 is when they started hand painting them with a simple county design. This was to make production run faster. 
The apple print was the 2nd print made in 1951. They produced it for a year until the next design. 
From 1949-1953 was the busiest time for Watt Pottery. Patterns produced during this time are the most popular. They made more than just bowls such as pitchers, butter dishes, S&P shakers, etc. 
The factory burned down in 1965 making Watt Pottery even more popular as no more were made. There have been “fake” replicas made but they are recognized by mis-markings, colors and quality. 

Doing the math- These bowls are 70 years old. Wow. 

Do you have any vintage finds that you have decided to keep? 


  1. LOVE the bowls. Yes, I have plenty of old things around that I use. I have old bowls that nest too and also I use my vintage Fiestaware every day.

  2. They are pretty and do LOOK vintage for sure. It is great to hold onto something you KNOW that was your mom's, and you were raised with.
    SWEET. Yep that is definitely a local 'breakfast', bacon, grits and eggs. ;-)
    We always looked forward to a breakfast every once in awhile at White's in East Belmont. We are wondering if they will re-open.
    Good to get to spend time with your parents. and YEP,.... Love 'EM!
    Sherry & jack over here wathing the rain and clouds.

  3. Those vintage bowls are so beautiful! I love old vintage stuff.

  4. Those bowls could well be antique collectors' items. Careful how you use them.

    God bless.