We got word the other day to be prepared to see gratuity added on your bill at all area restaurants at the beach. This is something new they are doing weather you have a party of two or a party of too many. You will see 20% added. 
They are doing this in hopes to keep their help. I am not totally on board with this idea. 

I have to say, “we are good tippers”. If you have ever worked in restaurant you know how important it is to get a tip. Most waitress make a small amount from the business and rely on tips to make up their wages. We always leave a generous amount no matter how well we liked or disliked our meal. It is not the waitresses fault if you do not like what you ordered. 

I know people that will go into a cheap restaurant and expect royal treatment from the waitress and only leave a dollar to no tip. 


I am against the idea of restaurants adding 20% gratuity to everyones bill. I think it should be up to the customer to tip out of generosity. Sure some will only leave some change but others will leave a healthy tip. It’s part of the job. It’s what the waitress signs up for. They have good days and bad days. I think service is important and feel like waitresses will not give good service knowing they will get a tip anyway. This will also eventually lead to waitresses trying to “up the sale” to make their tip bigger. 

We do not leave extra tip if we see it added to our bill and they would get more from us out of the gracious of our heart than if they add 20% to our bill. 

I will also tip the server when I pick up a take out order. They still have to prepare the order, bag it up, add the condiments and make sure the order is right and the customer is happy. 

I will only add change to tip jars on a counter. I am not big on tip jars. I have seen businesses hand money from the tip jar to beggars or take out extra change when they are shorted. While I think that is sweet, those tips are distriubted between the workers at the end of the day. I want to know my tip will go to the servers and cooks, not drunk Joe down the road. 

And I do not tip at fast food restaurants. They get paid a fair hourly pay and, well, fast food workers know tips are not expected when they sign up but then of course, I never really thought about it. 

How do you feel?

Do you always tip? 
Do you tip on take out orders?
How do you feel about adding gratuity on everyone?


  1. I think in reading this, we tip about the same. I have tried to 'over-tip' since this crazy COVID thing. AND you said:

    We do not leave extra tip if we see it added to our bill and they would get more from us out of the gracious of our heart than if they add 20% to our bill. ......
    Same here. There are times I really ENJOY over tipping. The smile is worth any amount.
    I like your attitude,
    Sherry & jack over here surviving.... the traffic in this small mill town. HAHAHA

  2. We are good, very good tippers. We tip on corkage, tax, credit card charges, bad service, whatever……we are good
    tippers, always. I really don’t like tipping, I think people should get paid a livable wage….like in Italy. Restuarant workers are well paid and servers are held in high regard…..which they should be! Although if they know you are American, they expect a tip….which is great.
    I agree that a set tip on the bill is not appropriate. A tip is for good service. A tip is just what it says,…thank you for the good service. Best, V