Pebbles On The Beach

Here it is the middle of April. We usually have already been to the beach but with us both having new jobs, our vacation time is limited. Fortunately, I work for an accountant so he set aside April the 16th as a tax holiday and gave us girls the day off. Nick was able to get off too so we jump at the opportunity to head down to the camper. 

Once we unloaded the car, and got everything set up and in order, we headed out for a walk on the beach. It was rather chilly with the temperatures in only the 60s. The wind made it even cooler. We walked about three miles. During our walk, I kept seeing these little burlap bags washed up on the sand. They were tied tight, but curious me had to see what was inside. 

Inside each bag were little rocks or pebbles. They seemed to have been in the water for a while as they were covered in sand that had settled into the bags  over time. 

I didn’t keep them. I put the pebbles back into the bags and returned them to the sand for someone else to find. I did not see any on our way back so they must of either washed back out into the ocean or someone else came alone and scooped them up. 

I just wonder what the intentions were or if they were just washed away from someone on accident. 

We ended the day with dinner at Hamburger Joes and a trip to Walmart for a some camper needs and few snacks.
Now we are back at the camper. We have had our showers and now relaxing a bit before we call it a day.

I can’t wait to see the sun tomorrow and enjoy all day on the beach. This will be our only full day as we will head back home on Sunday. I do not get a real vacation until August. That is just too long to wait. I plan to ask for a couple days off in June. I do not know how well that will go but it’s worth a shot.


  1. You have me trying to unravel the mystery. I am thinking they must be intentional, but cannot figure the meaning of pebbles on the beach. Sure makes one wonder... BUT we are glad you guys got to the beach for a couple days. That is always good. Since my child hood I have always looked for the mysteries that wash up. There are truly a bunch.
    Good to know about them. I hope you hear something from someone concerning reasons.
    Love from Florida. Sherry tells me we have about a week left down here.
    Sherry & jack marking time.....

  2. That is strange! Quite a mystery in fact. My guess is that those little bags of pebbles are accidental but I would love to find out how. The seaside is the very best place to blow the cobwebs of routine away for a short while. Have a great time :-) keep well Amanda x

  3. What a cool thing to find! They were meant to be found. What a cool keepsake for remembering your time at the beach. I understand why you felt the need to put them back.

  4. Interesting about those little bags!!
    I finally ordered an air fryer! :) Been meaning to since I read about them on your blog. Will let you know how I like it!

    1. Oh, cant wait to see what you make!

    2. So happy with my air fryer!! So far we've only had French fries but they were wonderful. So easy to clean too!!! Will be using it a lot I'm sure. Thanks for recommending it. It seems once I heard about it from you, I heard about them all over the place. :)

  5. Those little bags are intriguing! Maybe they are like the the letters in a bottle used to be?.... Sounds like you had a wonderful day.. What beach did you go to ? It was a beautiful Saturday here in SC. Hubby and I got out for a little while today and took in some of this gorgeous weather...

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