I remember back when I was a little girl. I always had bad dreams. I remember just about every night, I would wake up in tears and go to my parents room. I would stand on daddy's side of the bed and stare him awake. He would let me get in the bed and he would cuddle me until I dozed off then I would have to go back to my room. 

Mom would place a Bible under my pillow at night and told me it would keep the bad dreams away. I had less nightmares but would still have them. I’m sure they tried everything to keep me out of their room. They finally got where they would lock their door at night. I remember standing on the outside of it crying until one of them would come tuck me back into bed. I was not spoiled, I was absolutely frightened at night by my dreams. 

I still dream but they are not as scary anymore and I am now, what is called , a “Lucid Dreamer. Meaning I can control my dreams. I guess I fought them long enough to have this power. When I am having a dream, I know I am having a dream and can control the outcome. Most of the time I wake up a soon as I realize I’m dreaming. Other times I can make a bad dream a good dream just by realizing it’s not real. Some Lucid Dreamers can decide on what thy want to dream about. That would be pretty cool. If I could do that, I would go on vacation every night. 

I am debating on keeping a “Dream Journal”. It would be a great way to jog my memory and learn what’s going on in my mind. It could also be weird and comical. I mean, last night I dreamed a baby Elephant jumped on me while my husband was chasing a chipmunk that was tearing up the yard. Yea, that’s way out there. But I also have some serious dreams. Vivid dreams that I can’t seem to get out of my mind. Sometimes I have good dreams and do not want them to end. It would be interesting to write all of these dreams down. I would also like to know if I have the same dream more than once or if any of them come true in the future. 

Have you ever heard of a dream journal? 
Do you think it would be a good idea?


  1. I've heard of dream journals but never had one. I think its a good idea if you want to keep track of your dreams - can't hurt anyway.

    When our son David was very little he started having bad dreams. Ken figured out that the big animals that were printed on his sheets were giving him nightmares. Different sheets, his dreams stopped. We laugh at that all the time!!

    1. Bless his heart! But that is funny and cute!

  2. I tend to have a lot of dreams. I remember many of them. Some of my dreams are good and others not so much. I notice that I tend to have bad dreams when I'm stressed or worried. Some of my dreams don't even make sense. I thought about keeping a dream journal, but I never got around to doing so. It's something to consider though.

  3. What an interesting post. lately I have dreamed more than usual for some reason. For a long time I had a recurring dream, imma thinking it is gone, I hope so.
    A dream journal, what a good idea. My problem at times is I know I dreamed but cannot remember it.
    I enjoyed the read, that is for sure.
    Sherry and jack still in Florida for a week or so.
    y'all be safe

  4. I have heard of dream journals but never kept one myself.

    There is an interesting article you may like to read about 'Understanding Dreams' find it here

    All the best Jan