Saharan Dust Cloud

Have you heard about the Saharan dust cloud that will be moving across the states? Dust from the Sahara Desert came through the US Gulf Coast and traveled across the Atlantic Ocean.

This happens every year but 2020 is said to be the largest. Some have even named it the Godzilla Dust Cloud. 

On our way home from dinner this past weekend, I noticed it has reached us here in North Carolina. We could see the heavy haze mask the mountain that is normally a beautiful scenery. It is only about 4 miles from here. There were no rain clouds in the sky, it was actually a clear day except for the cloud of dust.  

The cloud is harmless but could cause problems with allergy sufferers or those that have other health issues. This could also effect those suffering from the Covid virus. I also just read that it could make some people have the same feeling of symptoms related to Covid. 

Does anyone else feel like we are in a game, wondering whats in the next level?

Despite the blanket of dust, there are some optical effects. The sunsets are said to be more vivid because of the scattered dust practicals. I’m not to sure about this as the photo I took was when the sunset should have been noticeable. Maybe it will happen after the dust begins to settle in a couple days. 

Are you seeing effects of the Saharan Dust Cloud in your area? 


  1. I heard about this cloud and it was here in South Carolina over the weekend. I avoided going outside since I have horrible allergy and sinus issues. I was glad when the cloud passed. You took a great photo. I had no idea this was a yearly thing. Have a great week Lisa!

  2. Hello Lisa, I haven’t seen any effects from the dust storm here. More vivid sunsets would be welcome. I feel fortunate I do not suffer from allergies. Happy week ahead.

  3. Thanks for the education, since we do not watch the news we sorta live under a rock. LOL Funny that, I thought you 'n Nick had took a trip outside the USA.

    Love ya (don't let the sand get in your eyes!)
    Sherry & jack

  4. Hi Lisa!
    We werent aware that that is what it was when we were out. We went to a Vineyard in Troutman and saw it. Thougt it was a big storm cloud. Interesting.
    jess xx

  5. First I've heard of the dust. Nothing here by us in western MD.
    Yes, I do feel like you. What next. I'm looking for the Rapture to come soon. :)

  6. When this happened last year our sunsets were beautiful. This year they were just gray & the haze was more evident during the day. It's fascinating to me that the Sahara dust makes its way here.