Fun With A Photo Ball

A couple weeks ago I receive a photo ball as a birthday gift from my sister. I have always wanted one of these for some reason and now I have one.

A photo ball is a crystal ball that allows you to take refraction photos. The background shows within the ball creating a cool shot. It also magnifies objects. I learned that the hard way when I tried to bring it out in the full sunlight. 

I brought it with me to the beach so I could play around with it. It is actually kind of hard to master but soon I will be able to get those perfect shots. 
Until then, here are some amateur photos I took this past week. Enjoy.

Pretty cool huh? 
That all I have for today. 

We have decided to extend our stay here for a few more days. Things here in South Carolina are slowly getting back to normal. Stores are open to 80% capacity but they have shortened their hours. Some restaurants are open to 50% capacity and some are open 100%. We have sat down to both. 
Hopefully soon, things will get running again.


  1. What a cool birthday gift Lisa! Please be careful while you're here in South Carolina. It's true SC has opened most places, but SC has been staying in the news for increased daily Coronavirus cases. I saw on the news there are over 14,000 cases here!

  2. I have heard of these but still do not understand what they are!
    Glad you are enjoying your time away! I would LOVE to be at the beach!

  3. This is sooo cool. I’ll have to get one. Enjoy your time my love.

  4. That is very cool!

    I can't wait to go back to the beach.

  5. That is really cool and the beach looks so nice. Enjoy the week.

  6. I must agree with the other comments, SWEET!. Glad things are getting back to normal. I don't blame you for extending. I am ready to go again , already..
    Be safe
    Sherry & jack

  7. It is kind of hard to master isn't it? I brought mine out on a hike with us just last month and had to work hard to find places where it wasn't in full sun (so I didn't accidentally start a forest fire) and yet still had a nice interesting photo. I think you did great here!

  8. That is really cool and you're doing great with it already.

  9. I took my photo ball to St. John and got some great shots - you got some great captures here! They're fun! -