New Glasses From Firmoo

I remember having a pair of glasses in the 5th grade for reading. They were pink with a little Pink Panther emblem on the side. I hated them. I thought my eye sight was fine, but the Optometrist believed my reading ability would increase if I wore them. Kids that wore glasses were made fun of in those days. I somehow lost them on the school bus and never wore glasses again through my school years.

Today I rely on prescription reading glasses. I absolutely can not read anything that is less than 2 feet from my face. They say it comes with age but who’s counting? With that being said, I am excited to have partnered with Firmoo Optical and scored this nice pair of prescription glasses and I did not even have to get dressed or go out of my house. 

I simply went online to Firmoo Optical and searched from their wide selection of fashionable frames. The hardest part was making my mind up on the ones I liked best. Once I settled on frames I wanted, I followed the simple instructions and added the numbers from my prescription, then entered my shipping and payment information.

If you are ready for a new pair of glasses, look no further. Firmoo Optical is safe and secure. You can even download your photo and try on frames to see what looks best on you. There are also photos of customers wearing the frames so you can get a visual of what they will look like. I personally did not load my photo and try them on. I took my chances by seeing how the frames of my choice looked on others. 

I admit, I was skeptical of ordering glasses online, but when my glasses arrived, I was impressed with the quality of the frames and accuracy of my prescription. It only took two weeks for them to arrive. They came is a protective box and included and soft drawstring case. These glasses are light weight, flexible and feel great. I love the thin metal sides and the two toned frames. I paid extra to have blue light blocking lens added them. Blue light blocking protects your vision from long use of computers and other electronic devices. I would highly recommend this feature. 

Right now, Firmoo Optical is offering a free pair of single lens glasses for new customers. All you have to do is pay the shipping cost. 

For your free pair, Shop
and Use Code: AUFF at checkout.

My Style shown: S3500 
Brown/black with blue light blocking lens.
Unisex size Medium.

 These glasses were provided to me free of charge 
in exchange for my honest review. 
All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I'm thinking. Sherry & I have both had cataract surgery, for many years we had 20/20 vision and could read w/o glasses. BUT now mine have changed and I do need reading glasses. But like the first time, I guess it will take time to GIVE IN.

  2. I'm still using the reading glasses you can pick up in so many places now a days.
    They do fine for me.

  3. You look so pretty Lisa, and I love your glasses! It's actually time for me to get a new pair of glasses. I need to check out Firmoo.

  4. I like your new reading glasses! You look very pretty in them. I need to check Firmoo out!

  5. I may try them next time. I just got a new pair recently so it will be a while.

  6. I love seeing what glasses ladies get. Those look great on you! Love the shape. I buy all my glasses online. There is a better selection and cost.
    jess xx