What a Day!

Warning: This post is not for the squeamish.

I admit. I love the sun....Ok most of you know that....I have always kept a tan during the summer months, weather it be by tan bed or beach chair. 
I rarely sunburn, and when I do get a sun burn its minimal. But the sun evidently has been damaging my skin. (Ha, and I thought it was just old age).
I see a lot more brown spots and freckles now that I have turned 50 than when I was 49. Seriously. 

Well, let’s ignore the brown spots for now. I found a red spot. Yes, among the age sun spots and new freckles, I noticed a teeny tiny red spot on my forehead. It would get a little scaly at times and sometime would shine through my make up. There was just something about this tiny spot that drew my attention to it every time I looked in the mirror. 

So I had it looked at last week. They did a biopsy to make sure it was nothing cancerous and sent me home with care instructions and a band aid. 

I got a call yesterday to let me know that the little red spot was indeed a form of cancer called “Basil Cell Carcinoma”. This is the less serious form of skin cancer but still needs to be removed. So they took me in today to get the job done.

I am never sick and I’m healthy so this was a little traumatic to me. I mean, “what a day”.

They did some cutting and digging and sent me back to the waiting area until they made sure they got it all. 
After about a 20 minute wait, the nurse comes in and says “we need to take you back again and cut out some more, we did not get it all”. So after a little more chiseling, I was sent back out to the waiting room. After another 20 minutes the nurse arrives again and says “good news, we got it all that time. Now you will have wait for about 30 minutes and we will get the surgeon to stitch you up”. 

I waited 45 minutes.

The stitches are on the inside and glue on the outside. 

I never listened to people when they stressed for me to wear sunscreen. I will take it more serious and take more precautions when I’m out in the sun for now on. Sunscreen will be my friend. A tan is not worth the trouble. I will also be scheduling a full body check once I get a job and my feet back on the ground. 

Speaking of job. I finally got a call for an interview next Monday. I hate that I will go looking like Frankenstein but it is what it is. Stay tuned about that and wish me luck. 


  1. I have has 3 skin cancers, 2 BC But this last one was Squamous cell, the scar is much worse. I’m so grateful you got in and got it removed. My prayer is that you heal quickly, are diligent about checking your skin and no more spots! HUGS!! And soooooo MUCH LUCK!

  2. Andrea sounds like Sherry, the the first BC the last Squamous cell with a much worse scar. The one on her forehead was like yours, but the right side. Yep even good looking girls have this happen. Sherry's Dr. was Caufield in Gastonia. There is no scar on her forehead, but the Squamous is another story, that sucker is pretty. A proud to have scar, on her pretty leg. Best of luck on the interview.

  3. I have had spots removed on me and tested for skin cancer. Luckily they were all caught and removed in time. It is a good idea to wear sunscreen and limit your amount of time at the beach. I loved going out in the sun but I'm more careful now and I get a skin checkup each year.

  4. Oh how scary, Lisa, I'm so glad you listened to your instincts and had it checked out!! Thanks for the reminder, I'm due a visit for my yearly body scan. Best of luck on the interview!!

  5. At least you got it checked out and taken care of.
    I learned about sun screen from my mother. She was a blond and had very fair skin. Her skin was a mess as she aged.
    Good news about the job interview. Will be praying.

  6. Hi Lisa!
    Happy New YEar!
    It was good that you paid attention to the red spot and saw a doctor. Great that they removoved the whole area, I am sure it was a little unnerving! We bought a dome for the beach, which is like a tent, as it really protects from the sun. I used to be crazy as a teen with babyoil! now, I am lathering on the sunscreen.
    Best wishes on the interview and job!
    jess xx

  7. Oh my Lisa, you did have quite a day. Although I know it must have been really hard the waiting am also glad they went in to get it all. Better than coming home to worry about it and having to go back. It is good you had that checked out when you did too! Whew, glad that is over for you. You do have beautiful skin.
    Hope the interview goes great!