Growing Mushrooms

Do you like to eat mushrooms? I like mushrooms. They are great in spaghetti, on pizza, in salads and even sauteed and eaten as a meat substitute on a sandwich. You can find mushrooms in a lot of Mexican and Chinese dishes.

I think I am the only one on my side of the family that will eat mushrooms. My brother says they are fungi and he ain't eating nothing like that. 

Nature proved his “fungi” remark correct because I am apparently growing eatable mushrooms in my front yard. As I was finishing up my walk the other day, I noticed my butterfly tree had this funny looking stuff growing up the stalk. 

It looked soft like rose petals and shaped like ears. I hope my neighbors don't think I’m some mad scientist growing ears in my front yard. 

I was curious so I had to snap a photo and do a Google photo search. It came back as a “Wood ear Mushroom”. Also known as a Jew’s ear or Jelly ear. Wood Ears can be found in just about all Chinese cuisine and eaten regularly in China. They do not loo appealing but have a great taste. 
I think I remember seeing something like this in my hot and spicy soup before.

I had to snap a few photos but left it alone. I have no intentions of cutting it off the wood to make any meals with it. I will leave that up to Ku fung chu.


  1. I enjoy mushrooms. They were never in my house growing up. I just remember 'toadstools'. We have friends in Wisconsin that grow them. But me? Huh uh! I only eat those I buy at the grocers and hope they know what they are doing. LOL
    But you do have some neat shots of yours. As always, an interesting post.... Not bad for a mad scientist! LOL

    Sherry & jack love from down here.

  2. I love mushrooms, the whole family does except one of our sons. Growing up, my parents always Morel Mushrooms and I would have a ball. So yummy too.

  3. Those mushrooms are fascinating.
    I can either take of leave mushrooms. I eat them but not something I'm that crazy about.

  4. The mushrooms look so cool growing on the tree. I like to cook mushroom every once in a while with dinner.

  5. I see random ones in my mom's yard. I always kick them and crush them. I don't know why.

  6. i love mushrooms. but you have to be so careful finding them in the wild. they could be poisoneous. be careful. you were wise to leave them alone even if you think you know what they are.

  7. Mushrooms grow like mad around here but I'm not comfortable enough identifying them to actually chance eating any!

  8. I've never seen these before, but they are really pretty!