Sign Of Age

I do not concider myself old (though I am touching fifty) but I am showing signs. I look in the mirror each morning and find it harder to find the young girl behind my aging skin. My eye lids seem to be drooping and I have this sagging skin around my jaw. I apply my lipstick and notice my lip have creases and I have hair popping up in places It shouldn’t. I have several age spots on my face that my concealer makeup struggles to cover and wrinkles that are starting to join each other. It’s a fight every morning. Some days I get emotional about it and some days I smile about it. 

One of my biggest struggles is keeping my gray roots covered. About every six weeks I grab a bottle of “Nice and Easy” and hide the silver that’s taking over. It never fails, there is a spot on the side of head that seems to escape the coloring. As I’m fixing my hair it screams at me. “Hazel!!!”

Instead of letting it bother me and instead of trying to hide it. I have decided to let this one go. I’m not fighting it any longer. 
I will have a gray stand in my hair. 
I’m going to just own it. 
Live it up. 
It’s a silver highlight and it’s a small sign of my age. 
I desevere it. It have lived up to it. 
I’m going to see just what it does. But I will continue covering the gray on the rest of my hair. 
My husband said,  “So, your going to be like Frankensteins wife right?” I gritted my teeth and giggled “Why yes I just might “. 

Another sign of age happend at the mall. Twice!
As I was fileing throught a rack of clothes at American Eagle (A store that caters to younger people), I noticed that there was a lot of wide legged pants. I turned to a young associate that was working in that area, “Are the wide leg pants coming back in?” The music was blarring loud and reminding me I do not need a hearing aide right now. He replies “ No we have not gotten any in but we do have MOM JEANS over in the area to your right”. 
Um. Mom jeans? He didn’t understand what I asked but I clearly understood what he thought. I politely smiled and left the store. Just kidding. I gave him a stink eye and walked over to see what the mom jeans looked like first. 

At the same mall, I went into another store that was aimed to the younger generation. “See, I dont feel as old as I may look”. 
I stood in the doorway of the dressing area holding a couple pieces of clothing. I noticed the young dressing room attendant letting young ladies into the dressing areas one by one. I gave her a questionable look. She then asks me, “Im sorry maam, are you waiting on someone?” I looked at her a little crazy and said “No, I would just like to try on some clothes”. She apologized for letting others cut in front of me and unlocked a dressing room. I Left with a pair of jeans that fit just right and they were NOT “mom jeans”.

Now excuse me while I look for my walker. 


  1. Just consider you are getting wiser not older, it is denied to many who die young, I know my Mother passed to heaven when I was young and she was young..When my friends and classmates complained about their mothers I just cringed! I watched my mil and she was something else 9 kids with 2 different husbands she hated the first husband and the second husband she stayed with him even though he never supported her or his 8 kids my hubs was the oldest and he died when he was 74 and we were there when it happened..He was miserable, my mil was miserable and lived til nearly 87 years old, she thought my hubs her oldest child was the bank of America and her personal chauffeur, I tried to be nice to don't complain about getting old unless you really have lots of regrets, it doesn't bode well to many who will hear your thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I love to share my thoughts through my blog and sorry if this post offended you.
      Is your name Hazel?.

  2. I may hit you with my cane, you whippersnapper

  3. Lisa it seems there is always some gray that we just can't hide, I shaved my beard off for just that reason but then decided What the Heck and now I don't worry about the gray. A lot of these "youngsters" seem to be trying to push us over the hill too soon but just keep planting your feet and make them push harder because the more they push the closer to the top they get. It won't be long and that little girl will be wearing "mom jeans" too.

    Keep doing what you do and saying what you want, I am older than you and I have never been offended by anything you have said here. Excellent post my friend.

  4. You are a HOOT! Great 'snide' entry. Yep, fact is you are a day older than yesterday! You girls keep looking great EVERY DAY while we the male section just look older and older! HECK WE COULD LOOK YOUNGER, WE ARE JUST LAZY, and do not have what you girls have to work with!

    Love you, Me 'n Saint Nick think you are a beautiful lady! (Sherry says that too!)

  5. I let my gray hair grow out a couple of years ago and haven't regretted it. I kind of like my silver hair.
    Ken calls me his silver beauty. : )
    We all get lines and sagging skin as we age but I feel blessed that I am healthy and at 66 can walk 6 miles every morning like it's nothing.
    I don't wear mom jeans either! : )

  6. For some reason I haven't visited you for a long time. I really enjoyed your post, as I have three daughters who are fighting the "silver" that sneaks through the dye. HaHa. I stopped trying many years ago, and happen to be blessed that my silver came in like blond highlights. Lucky me. I was a redhead and I think that's why my "grey" looks blond. You are beautiful with any color.

  7. This is hilarious! I’ll be 70 years old this far and well remember when I was touching 50.the best years of my like were yet to come. I tell my daughters that NOW is as good as it gets as far as aging is concerned. 50 is the youth of old age and the old age of youth. Enjoy it for all it’s worth!

  8. I love it, I can't believe those two things happened so recently, wow! You are too cute. My husband calls my gray hair my "chrome". I own it.