Presidents Day

Today is the 3rd Monday in February. This is the day we celebrate Presidents Day.

Presidents Day was established in 1885 in recocgnition of George Washingtons Birthday. Though his birthday is not actually until Februrary 22. The 3rd Monday in February is when it’s clelebrated. I’m thinking it’s because people would rather have a Monday off work than a Thurday. Ya think?

While im thinking about making a cherry pie, 
enjoy some of these fun President facts you may have never heard before. 
  • Did you know there are actually four Presidents born in February? George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, William Harrison and Ronald Ragan. 
  • Some call it President’s Day and some call it Presidents’ Day.  
  • Andrew Jackson had a parrot that cussed. It was so bad, they had to remove it from his funeral.
  • George Bush Sr. vomited on the Prime Minister of Japan.
  • Gerald Ford worked as a model in college.
  • Theodor Roosevelt watched his mother die of a fever and immedialty ran upstairs to see his wife die of a complicated child birth.
  • Jimmy Carter was the first President to be born in a hospital.
  • The food in the White House is not free. The president gets a bill.
  • Thomas Jefferson was afraid of public speaking. He would often fake a sickness to get out of speaking.
  • Geroge Washington was actually red headed.
  • James Madison was 5feet 4inches tall and only 100 lbs. This made him the smallest US President.
  • Teddy Roosevelt had a tattoo.
  • Eight Presidents were left handed. Bush, Clinton, Ford, Garfield, Hoover, Ragan, Truman and Obama.
Aren’t those some interestings finds? 
What are some fun facts about our Presidents that you have found odd, funny or interesting? 


  1. Those are some interesting facts Lisa, and I'm going to give you a hard time because I'd expect the same from you. Look at your last fact and tell me which four were left handed.

    1. Ha!! There were eight. I fixed it. Thanks for pointing that out!

    2. Not a problem Lisa I figured there were eight, I just had to play with you on that one :)

  2. I remember when Washington 's birthday and Lincoln's birthday were both celebrated on the actual day of their birthday!!

  3. I think the only two odd facts I know are that Washington sold liquor that he made (although I don't think it was moonshine) and that Adams and Jefferson both died on the same July 4th...don't ask me the year and I am too lazy to check for it. lol xo Diana

  4. I have sat here and found out my Gray matter has smashed. I used to know all the president's names. Now I know only 8 and they were left handed. LOL

    I did not know Madison was that short.

  5. enjoyed the fun facts. good stuff.