My little Etsy shop has been busy here at Christmas time. During the summer I was beginning to think people were not finding my products as my sales were slow. The past few months I have been loaded with custom orders to complete. I had to turn the “Custom order” option off for a while so I could get caught up. I finally finished and shipped all the orders requested. I have decided not to take anymore custom orders until after Christmas. I need a break so I can get my Christmas goodies cooking.

This season I have been in love with Gingham Check. If I knew it would have been so popular this year, I would have done more decorating with it. 

I just love it.

While taking a break from crocheting for others, I decided to crochet myself something. 

I made myself a Gingham check cup cozy. I can carry it in my car or purse and when I’m not drinking coffee from my Yeti, I can slip this sleeve over a starbucks cup to keep my hands from buring off. 
Besides I thought it was just so darn cute and it matches a shirt and ear warmers I have. 

Gingham was originated in Europe in the 17th century. 
It was actually considered a striped fabric and was made mostly in blue and white. Later in the years it became distinguished as checks.
Gingham check became popular in the 60s.
Brigitte Bardot wore a pink gingham dress when she got married. At the time, she started a trend that caused a shortage in this fabric.
You will find Gingham check in the Wizard of Oz movie. Dorothy wore a blue and white Gingham dress.
Gilligans Island’s MaryAnn, wore a gingham crop top.
You can see this design in a lot of the old classic shows.  

I always associated Gingham check with Fall and Winter. I think of cozy cabins and bear skin rugs. 
I think of a flannel shirt worn by a wooly lumberjack. 
Summer Picnic napkins and table covers are usually in this pattern.
Today you can find it on everything from jewelry to baby blankets.  

I bet if you look around your house or in your closet you will see something with this pattern fabric. 
I bet your looking now, arent you? Ha.

I have had some request for this pattern.
Im not a pattern writer but I will share with you the basics instructions. If you crochet you might be able to figure it out.

Gingham Check Cup Cozy.
(I used a G hook.)
Chain 13
Single crochet across changing color at every 4th stitch. (You will have 3 color squares.) chain 1, turn.
Repeat for 4 rows carrying your color.
Change color combination for the next 4 rows. (You will drop one color and pick up another)
Continue this until you have 36 rows (9 block rows).
Single crochet around (This will hid the carried yarn) 
Stitch ends together. Tie off and weave ends. 

Now excuse me. My new cup cozy and I are going shopping. 

You can find more of my handmade crochet cozys in my Etsy shop


  1. I absolutely LOVE gingham. I always have. When my girls were little I hand smocked gingham dresses and pinafores for them. I think that is almost a lost art now.

    I LOVE your coffee cup cozy! That is just so darned cute. Hope you have a wonderful weekend shopping with your beautiful daughter. xo Diana

  2. Did you know your cup holder is called a "zarf"?

  3. I love the cup cozy. The check is sorta catchy. Merry Christmas... Things got real busy in Gaston for us. But the weather is nice....
    I always enjoy seeing what you have done last!

  4. love gingham. the cup cozy is sweet. glad your business picked up.

  5. so cute...
    yes, plaids are really hot this year...I love 'em

  6. Love the gingham style cup cozy! I forgot how much I used to love making cup cozies!

  7. Hi Lisa, that is such a pretty cup cozy you made. It looks so nice for the holidays. I would love to make one like this when the holidays are over. Hope you enjoy the holidays and have a Happy New Year.
    Thanks too for sharing at our Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    Julie xo