Gifts For Neighbors

My daughter came in yesterday and will hang around until after Christmas. I mentioned baking cookies, so she arrived a little early. However, we did not get to the cookie part. She helped me make some other goodies to deliver out to the neighbors. I usually wait until Christmas Eve to deliver, but because of the nature of their gift, I wanted them to have it early. 

This year for the neighbors, I chose to make “Christmas Potpourri” and then I added a tin of chocolate peanut butter cookies and a slice of my home made fudge. We made our rounds and delivered. I wanted them to have time to enjoy the aroma of Christmas a couple days before Christmas.  I hope they enjoy it.

Today we will bake my favorite Pecan snowball cookies.. We will also make some sausage balls. 
Sausage balls have become a traditional Christmas eve late night snack or Christmas morning breakfast as they are quick to grab with a cup of coffee before the gift unwrapping frenzy begins. Christmas Day is usually a busy one for us. 

Do you have a favorite treat you always make at Christmas? 


  1. A Merry berry Christmas

    (the berry just jumped in my head)

  2. I don't make much, maybe cookies

  3. What are sausage balls? Are they actually sausage?

  4. Your gifts look (and sound) lovely.
    Christmas is usually hot here. My favourite treat is a tropical fruit salad, laden with mangoes, berries, stone fruit...

  5. I have never made it but I like fruitcake at Christmas time, just seem like you should at least have one then.

  6. It all looks and sounds so good. What a SWEET (!) idea and I know the receivers LOVED it.
    We received our first ever personally created Christmas card today. Loved it! I am sure it is from a sweet lady in Gastonia. Anyway if you see her say THANKS!

  7. Well, I wish we were your neighbors. Great and thoughtful gifts.
    We have already made several Christmas goodies and almost all of them are already gone. Oh well, we made them to eat, I’m just glad they enjoyed them.
    Pecan puffs = gone. Peanut butter balls = gone. Spritz cookis = gone. Haystacks x 2 = gone. Cheese biscuits = almost gone. Chex mix x 4 = we made more today. Christmas Crack = just a little left.

  8. how sweet of you. a lovely christmas treat for sure.

  9. ummm...I know your house smells have been giving cranberries a real Christmas workout this year...I LOVE cranberries ! xoxo

  10. You are such a nice neighbor. How sweet of you.
    I always make a pan of 'sliders' (ham/cheese/poppyseed topping) made out of those little King's Hawaiian rolls. They are so good and go down fast and easy. xo Diana