A Birthday Weekend

This weekend was my daughters birthday. I blinked and she was 26! How did this happen? I mean wasn’t I just teaching her to walk yesterday?
Every birthday she has is also a special day for me. I was told in early adulthood I would most likely never be able to have a child. I have more faith in the Lord than the words of a doctor. My daughter is proof of that.

We did not have any real plans for her birthday this weekend. We had planned to be out of town and she had plans with friends. Our plans fell through so we called her up to ask if she would like for us to come take her to breakfast. That girl will not turn down food so of course the answer was yes.
We jumped in the car and headed to Charlotte. We let her choose a place. “I know a nice little bakery just a half a mile down the street” she said. 
We wanted to walk since it was such a beautiful day. 

So a few blocks down, we settle into a cozy little bakery. It was small and felt like walking into grandmaws kitchen. It was called Sun flour bakery company

I ordered an egg, cheddar and avacodo on toast. I guess for breakfast it’s called toast, and for lunch it’s called a sandwich. The birthday girl and Nick ordered the cheddar biscuts with bacon and egg. Together we shared a giant cinnimon roll that was out of this world. (It was gone before I could get a photo). The place was a little pricey but the food was worth it. 

Afterwards we headed back to her place where we then gave her a birthday present and her very own cheese cake. Of course Nick had to fix a few things around her apartment because some things have to be fixed by dad. We left in time for her to meet up with the girls for some time around the pool. We will see her again next weekend as we plan to give her a birthday dinner with family.

Wow 26! I wish I could have bottled her up and keeped her little forever. 


  1. A very happy birthday to your beautiful girl.

  2. I must echo Elephant's Child... And then say, I know those days are special. Sherry wanted a girl to share in her life, but all she got was boys. The second boy was 'supposed to be a girl'. I think he over reacted and thinks he must be Mr. Macho! LOL
    It is good for you and her I am sure. I hope you get to the beach soon! (Hope you are feeling better)!!!!!!!

  3. Happy birthday to her.

    it's also crazy to think kids born in 2000 will be 18 next year.

  4. Looks like a lovely breakfast sandwich. Happy Birthday.

  5. the older we are the more that happens in those blasted blinks

  6. Sounds like a lovely day. Happy Birthday to your daughter.
    Yes, they sure do grow fast.
    I have a grandson the same age!!! They grow up even faster!!!

  7. The years do move quickly, I understand about fixing things around the daughters place but that never bothered me either.

    Happy Birthday to your Daughter, it looks like you all had a great day.

  8. I use to live in Charlotte, NC :) Looks like ya'll had a nice time, thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Happy birthday to her!! (My oldest grandchild is 26.)

  10. She's the same age as my younger daughter, Lisa - how fast the years have flown by!