Nutrisystem - I DID IT!

Yes I did it!  I lost 50 lbs. and went from a size 12 to a size 4!

I'm excited and I'm proof that Nutrisystem really works. It was not that hard and actually fun.
This is the only diet that's ever worked for me.


After the first couple weeks, I never "struggled with hunger". I went strictly by the program except for Saturday nights (had to have my Mexican food) and a few family dinners along the way. My weight would go up or down a pound or two every day, but by the end of the week, I was always down something. Sometimes it was an ounce, sometimes a pound or more.

It took dedication and determination. I didn't do any excessive exercise nor did I take ANY diet pills.

I made use of my fitBit and made sure to get in at least 3 miles and/or 9 thousand steps in each day. I kept track of my food intake with MyfitnessPal. I had a lot of online support from my FitBit friends, Nutrisystem support groups and MyfitnessPal friends. We talk about food suggestions, do exercise challenges, praise each other, and share success stories.

Whats next for me? I'm going to continue another month with Nutrisystem and making a new goals, I plan to postpone my food shipments while I try to eat right on my own. If I see the weight starts coming back on, I will just have another month shipped to me. This is a little scary for me to venture out to eating my own meals. For seven months, between my husband and Nutrisystem, It felt like I had my own personal chef  preparing my meals for me while I work.

I plan to keep on walking three to five miles a day and continue eating more healthy snacks between my meals such as veggies, fruits and nuts. I'm staying away from sweets, white breads and potatoes.

People say Nutrisystem is to expensive.
Have you ever added up what you spend in a month on groceries?  How much of those groceries go to waste? Just think about it.
There are ways to save on Nutrisystem. After all the discounts, I ended up spending an average of around $150 per month. Here's are ways I did it.
  • You can get a discount just for having health Insurance. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield and got an extra 30.00 off each month on my orders.
  • sales 100.00 Nutrisystem gift cards for 59.00 at certain times. I would order some each month to add to my order. That saved me 80.00.
  • Ask someone (like me) that's using Nutrisystem for a "Buddy Bucks. That's another 30.00 off.
  • Last but not least, you can chat with a counselor , they may have a special promotions.
The website is easy to use and adding your discounts to your order is simple.
You can cancel anytime but the only catch is if you cancel after the first month, they will charge you a fee, but after two months, you can just cancel without any question or fee.
I would still suggest to anyone wanting to try Nutrisystem, to purchase the one week box from Walmart first before you make a commitment.

Hints on loosing weight :
  • Never eat "TO LESS". Eat a little something every 2 hours.
  • If you do exercise, Make sure you eat a little something extra with protein.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Fiber contributes to weight loss.
  • Don't worry about trying to stay away from carbs. You need some carbs to fuel your body. Really!
  • Eat lots of vegetables especially green ones .

Wish me luck as I continue on my journey maintaining my weight especially through the holidays.

My Beginning weight- 168 lbs.
My Weight now- 118.8 lbs.

You can read about my whole journey from day one,  HERE.


  1. ATTA-BOY GIRL, I just told my Sherry, she hasn't made it here yet. She usually beats me here. This is fantastic. I know most of all you are proud and I a sure the family is proud of you for the way you have stuck to your plan!
    I am smiling. I love success.
    Love to everyone, but to you. Good on YOU>>>> :-)

  2. Your blog makes me feel like it won't be so bad afterall. Congrats and thanks!