Campground Adventure

My vacation has half way began (or half way over if your pessimistic). The eye infection I brought down with me seems to be healing some. Not near as painful but I still look like a cry baby.

Speaking of "eye", Ive had my eye on a little retro camper That was parched up in  the wooded area of the campground. 
We choose to stay ocean front but venture around on out morning walks. 

I just had to stop and look at this little charm. I snapped a couple pictures before I was caught looking like the paparazzi. 

My husband busted my bubble when he noticed right off the bat that this was not an old one but instead, it was a new one. A duplicated model of the old retro Shasta. I still liked it. Its was so darn cute.
Later in the afternoon we grilled out some steaks with a salad,

then headed up to the arcade to play a little skeet ball and enjoy some ice cream before calling it a night. 

Tomorrow will come quickly and before you know it, vacation will be over.

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