Happy May

I bet you all wonder where I am. Well, I'm here, I'm on here every day reading other blogs. The only thing is, I just cant seem to find anything to blog about myself, so my blog has been sorta stagnant. I could blog about world things but we see and hear enough about that. Plus it would just be controversial.  I have written a few blogs on my feelings but I end up deleting those after I vent to the computer screen. I just like happy post and even though I'm happy as can be, I still have sad days and mad days that go away and aren't worth writing about.

But Its May, so maybe I will have more to talk about since May is full of things for me to share. For starters, today is my a 21st wedding anniversary. I love being being married and it seems that our love for each other grows stronger every day. I woke up this morning to a lovely gift from my husband. It was another bangle to add to my Alex & Ani collection. That's not all, I came home for lunch and he had me another one!

Tonight we will have dinner and probably take a walk. We like to walk and talk about our day. Just enjoying each other. We don't need to do anything special for today. We make everyday special.

May is also my birthday month. My Mom has a dinner planned for the family. Because.....
I have two siblings and my Dad all with birthdays in May and three out of four of us are within three days apart. So, she just throws one big dinner for us all. Yes, and four cakes.

We will also take a weekend trip to the beach again in a few weeks. There are also friends and family that will be graduating this Month and I'm sure we will be celebrating that too.
Not to forget, there is Mothers Day and we have a family reunion I should attend at the end of the month.


With all that being said, I am also gonna have to be strong as far as not to over eat since I'm still on a diet. Wish me luck. I hope to start blogging regularly again soon!


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Happy anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful evening together celebrating. Happy Birthday too. Enjoy the weekend.
    Julie xo

  2. Happy Anniversary. I wrote a book once, 'Why Not Forever", I am so glad to hear of someone who can walk and talk, Sherry and I made it a practice. During the tough times with the boys, the walks helped. We are going on 59 years, and our love is still as strong as on our first anniversary.
    Yes, it can last forever, I believe yours will. Again Congratulations.

    My dad's birthday was three days before mine.
    Love from over here. I enjoyed the read...