Birthday Beach Weekend

Just got in from a wonderful weekend at the beach. I also had a birthday while I as there. No party, No presents, No caked Just me and my Husband enjoy time together at our camper by the sea. I could not ask for anything else I'd rather have.

It was so nice. The weather was perfect. It was a short trip. I only had Friday off so we left early that morning. We want to get in every bit of sunshine and sand that we can in the short time we have. We didn't go out far on the highway while were there because it was Bike Week at the beach this weekend and honestly, all those motorcycles scare the crap out of me. Im always afraid they will get hurt. I become a nervous wreck. The traffic was terrible at times with rumbling motorcycles as far as you can see, so we stayed close to the camp site.

We spent Friday afternoon relaxing on the beach and a nice little dinner that night. Saturday morning we were up with the sunrise, ate a small breakfast and had coffee. After we had our coffee we ventured out for a morning walk around the campground.

As we walked further into the permanent home neighborhoods, we could see families having breakfast together and smell bacon in the air. Everyone we passed would give us a friendly smile and a "good morning" wave. We ended up walking four miles before we headed back to the camper, slipped our shoes off and took another walk down the beach for another two miles or so.

The beach walk was more relaxing as we skimmed the beaches and tide pools for sand dollars and sea life.
I learned that most of the l the pretty shells, no matter how small, have renters in them. Some of the tiniest shells had little crabs curled up inside. We found sea urchins and even an eel. Yes, I learned that just because it looks like a stick, does not mean it is. My husband spotted it first. About three inches of it was sticking out of the sand and water in the tide pool. He said, " This thing is breathing and moving".  I couldn't get to my camera fast enough before it shot back into its hole under the sand.

There are also so many creatures that look like the sand and you will never see them until they move. The beach was full of sea life that morning. I also found several big shells and sand dollars. I love finding sand dollars. They just lay on the sand like rare flower or gem.

After lunch we grabbed our chairs and headed out to the beach to catch some sun shine. It was so warm and beautiful but cool enough that we didn't have to put up the umbrella.

After I packed up to go home, I walked over to the open air shelter to the Sunday church service while my husband finished with unhooking the camper and making sure everything was complete. The ride home was nice and my daughter came over that afternoon with me a birthday surprise of a new pair of shoes and an angel food cake with strawberries and whip cream. That's my favorite and goes light on my diet. 

Now its back to the office. I hate going back to work after getting spoiled by the beach life.  I just need to hang on a few more weeks and we will be going back to the beach for the third time this year so far. Meanwhile , I plan to make some little sail boat crafts with the small pieces of driftwood I found.


  1. YES! I love to hear of quality time between Husband and wife. It did sound like the perfect weekend, even short. BUT it is so good to get away TOGETHER!
    Love the sand dollars.

  2. Hi, popping by through Carole's Chatter site. I loved camping at the beach do your post brought back great memories. We sold our camper & miss it.