Snow Bound

We are just now digging our way out of a three day snow storm here in North Carolina. A snow storm with thunder and lightning as well. We ended up with eight to twelve inches of snow. That may not seem like a lot, but around here we are lucky to see a flurry or two and the schools close down with the first sign of snow sticking to the ground or even in the forecast. So this was a big deal around here.

We were really only snowed in for two days. The snow was so pretty. No one had to work and families got to spend much needed time together. Snow can be so peaceful.

Beautiful scene of the neighborhood
Crocheted me a new winter hat for the occasion.

I didn't have to go into work, but I still worked. The work phones were transferred to my cell so I could still assist customers while at the same time doing some home chores, crocheted , went out for a walk and to play and even made snow cream.

Snow heart for Valentines Day.

We Stopped to take a snowman selfie.
We named him her Sarah.
My Daughter and the snowman

The roads finally cleared and we got to enjoy a night out for Valentines Dinner. Once we got back home and as I'm typing this post, the earth starts to move with a swaying motion for just a couple seconds. We just experienced an earth quake. Yes, something else we don't get much of around here. I learned I wasn't just going crazy when I seen on Facebook that everyone else felt it too. The news just said it was a 4.4 magnitude and 110 miles from where I live and only 3 miles deep.

I'm calling it a night. Just hope nothing else crazy happens.


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  1. My son lives in North Carolina, too. He was amazed at the difference there when it snows and what he knows from growing up in the Chicago suburbs. I think it took him by surprise. I love your snow woman, Sarah. Sounds like this was a nice break for you and your family, so I'm happy for you. Your crocheted hat is darling. Take care, Lisa!