Hooping has been my new form of exercise lately. Its one exercise I can do that does not make my knees hurt. I do not have to get prepared with special clothing and only 8ft of space is needed. I can just grab it anytime I feel a notion and hula. Its quiet, so you can actually watch TV while doing it.

Any one can (hula) hoop with the right size hoop. Most adults hula hooped at one time or another during their child hood, but now if you go to the toy department and try the child's hula hoop, you can forget it! It will not work for you. Small hoops will rotate too fast making it impossible for a larger person. You will walk away feeling like you've lost all the experience you ever had.

An adult has to have the right size and weight to accomplish hooping. If you think you can not hoop, you can! regardless of age, size or coordination. Your Hoop should stand between your navel and boobs. The bigger you are, the bigger the hoop should be. The bigger and heavier the hoop, the slower it rotates around making it possible to do.

I picked mine up at a local TJ Maxx store. It weighs two lbs. Its padded and comes in pieces that snapped together for easy take along on travel. You can also make your own and I will have a link to that at the end of my post. 

Here are some benefits to Hooping.
  • You can burn 200 Calories in 30 minutes.
  • Engages your core muscles.
  • Increases flexibility.
  • Builds lower back muscles.
  • It gives you a solid massage (Your intestines and organs get a firm rhythmic rubbing.).
  • Easy on your knees.
  • Convenient.
  • Good for spinal and hip mobility. 
Once you get used to using it around your waist, you can learn to use other body parts for hooping. It will build up and strengthen those areas as well. I hoop each day off and on a few minutes at a time but try to do at least a 15 or 20 minute session. I feel like my middle section is firming already.

Here is a great site showing how to make your own hula hoop

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  1. I did this at Curves for a while. I had forgotten how much exercise it was.
    Thanks for lining to What'd You Do This Weekend.


  2. I have a hula hoop in the living room that I'll do when we're just hanging out or watching tv--it's just a dollar store one and really light, so it's not the best, but it keeps me moving!

  3. Hula hooping is so much fun! I really am terrible nowadays, but it is probably because it is the wrong size hoop. I just thought I had "lost it" lol. Thanks for sharing! I am featuring this in this week's What'd You Do This Weekend. Pinned! :-)

    Ashley @ PioneerMomma.com