Ok so we all know what's going on with the iPhones. They launched a new update called iOS7.0.

I will confess that I just got my first very own iPhone 4s just 5 days ago and yesterday I rushed to get the new update as soon as it came out.

Its not to bad but I wish I would have just waited and read feed backs and looked at other peoples new look.

Here are three things I do not like so far:

1. There is no longer a quick "tap to tweet" or "tap to post on FB" any more in the notification center. I loved this on the old version. I don't care about going all the way into my app to add a status update.

Notification center

One alternative is to use Siri, which can now post to both Twitter and Facebook. Simply say "Post to Facebook" or "post to Twitter" and then dictate what you want to say. That's if you don't mind talking out loud to your phone in public. Kind of weird huh?

2. The new look of the Icons seem cartoonish to me. I like the more elegant look.

New main screen app look
 And if you double click your center button, it will bring up the most recent apps you visited. Then you just swipe them to close them. But I just don't get what the purpose of this is.

Double click to see most recent viewed apps
3. It seems to be sucking the life out of my battery but of course that could be because of me playing around with it. But I haven't played around with it nearly as much as the first day I had it and the battery lasted all day. Its been half a day now and my battery is half gone. hmmm.
Now, Here are three things I Do like:
1. I like the new camera features.
You can edit them right there before or after you take them. There are also choices of tones and tints to use. Also you no longer have to use the on screen snapper. You can use the side buttons on the phone to snap a picture. Ok, that could have already been there but I just found it.
2. You can change Siri to a man. ha! Hes called "General"
3. Lots of new Ring and alert tones!
Its going to just take some getting used to. I think I will grow to like it. The settings and such do not seem to have changed any so that's good. Maybe just added some extra ones.
Now, Id love to hear some pro and cons from my blogger friends. Share with me in comments.

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  1. I can help you out on one thing. The point of closing those apps is that's what's eating your battery. If you have every app on your phone open, it'll die like super fast! But, if you close them all, it'll save some battery life for ya.