Thirty Years Ago

Thirty years ago I was a teenager. I was just thinking about how things have changed over the years and when you get to thinking about it, Its crazy. I tell my twenty one year old daughter some of these things and she laughs. But I bet in just her few years, she could come up with a list too. Life comes at you fast. Here is a look back.

Then: Atari and Arcades
Now: Xbox

Then: Kids built go carts
Now: They build computers

Then: Phones had cords
Now: You talk into a speaker on rear view mirror while both hands are driving a car.

Then: We waited on Dad to get home and ate dinner together at the table.
Now: Parents chase kids around the room and feed them as they run and play.

Then: There were smoking areas in middle and high schools.
Now: Smoking is not allowed even in public places.

Then: Pets stayed outside and roamed the neighborhood
Now: Pets are kept in crates and dressed like babies when taken out.

Then: We were scared of our teachers and parents.
Now: Parents and teachers are scared of the kids.

Then: We only heard one language and would stare at someone speaking a foreign language.
Now: We have to know Spanish to get a job or communicate.

Then: Flash Dance and Miss America.
Now: Dance Moms and Honey Boo Boo.

Then: Manual typewriters. Whats a computer?
Now: Hand held computers. Whats a typewriter?

Then: Bikes and Big Wheels.
Now: Nitendos and Ipads.

Then: A high school diploma got you any job.
Now: You have to have more than a college degree.

Then: We could say Pollock jokes and blonde jokes.
Now:  Its called racist

Then: Brass knuckles and pocket knives
Now: Assault riffles and Bombs.

Then: Gilligan's Island.
Now: Jersey Shores.

I could go on but you get what I'm saying. Things change so fast with technology and human capabilities. I'm excited yet scared of what the next 10 years will bring us.

"Just hang on, throw your hands up and enjoy the ride".

Can you remember some things that have changed from the good ole days?

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