Christmas Through Lens

Finally, after about five years, we went to see Christmas lights. I know, that's a long time, but with our work schedule, our daughters school schedule, shopping, cooking and everything in between, we just never find the time, or if we do find the time, we do not want to sit in the one hour long traffic to see them.

We happened to be lucky enough to live just 8 miles from Christmas Town USA. Unfortunately, this is the lined up traffic I was talking about, therefore, we usually skip this show and go 10 more miles down the road to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens . Here you walk through what looks like a never ending winter wonder land. I would say its about a mile walk. Maybe longer. They also have horse buggy rides (lost that photo) keep reading.

While we were walking through, and after I had taken many pictures, my memory card got an error.  "Blogger nightmare". Lost it all. Once we completed the walk through, I got it back to working. So, we went through it again. Christmas lights are hard to take photos of and of course my camera even lost all my settings so the resolution, size, etc. was all messed up and it was so dark other than the lights, I did the best I could. Here are a few picture I took. Enjoy.

This is the Entrance before you go into the gardens. Inside you will find a gift shop, coffee shop, Santa Claus, live music, and crafts to make!

I took this photo through a door from outside of a teenager talking to Santa.
Some of the cute stuff in the gift shop. (cell phone picture, ha)

In the garden there was live music, and a wonderland of lights, a fire pit, tropical hot house, water falls, lighted tunnels, bridges and even some mazes to go through.

 Art sculptures along the way were fun too!

 Children love running through this water tunnel. Barely getting wet.

fa la la la la


  1. Looks like it was a "wonder"ful time! Merry Christmas, Dimeo's!!!!

  2. Lisa, my son and I have done McAdenville since he was a toddler. I still have to wait for him to get home from college before I We have found going up one of the side streets on the Lowell side cuts waaaay down on the wait time. Someone always lets you in and you are right near the gas station. This year Adam came in later than usual and with our schedules, we only had the Friday night before Christmas to do it. I figured it would be crazy but we went about 6:10, came up the side street and there was no line until the I -85 bridge. We only had to wait maybe 5 minutes before we were in the midst of the lights! Definitelty will remember for next year:)

  3. Thanks WWaller. I will have to remember that next year too! Have a great new year!